Costumes I Want to Remake- Spring 2018

Hi everyone! I’m slowly finishing all the sewing projects I want to write posts about, so as a sewing post filler, I decided to talk about which costumes I made in the past and want to remake in the future.

Even though I want to remake every costume on this list, I will not work on them for at least the next two or more months. There is a lot of changes going on in my life right now which makes it harder for me to sew as much as I’d like to. (This is also the reason why I don’t talk about sewing as much as I want to. I don’t have the time to finishing anything.) So, this is a list of costumes I’d like to remake one day once my life settles down a bit. Continue reading “Costumes I Want to Remake- Spring 2018”

2017 Personal Sewing and Costume To-Do List

With 2016 over, I thought I’d talk about what I’m planning on sewing in 2017. This past year was full of life changes, and I believe 2017 will be full of life changes as well. Since of these life changes is weight loss I decided to take a good, hard look at all the costumes and clothes I have in my closet and decided what I should do with them. Most of them I decided to keep, but not use or wear again, but others I decided to remake. I also found some dresses and skirts I loved, but believed I could make out of better fabric or fit better than they did when I made them.

Since I plan on blogging about my progress while making some of my clothes and costumes, I decided to dedicate a post about what I plan on making and blogging about in the coming year. 🙂

Continue reading “2017 Personal Sewing and Costume To-Do List”

Rose Tyler Idiot’s Lantern Dress- Sequin Progress Update

I know I said I was going to make more posts about my art, I decided to make another post about making Rose Tyler’s pink dress from the Doctor Who episode The Idiot’s Lantern.

A few days ago, I reached a milestone in sewing sequins on the bodice! As of a few days ago (Monday) I finished sewing sequins on half the bodice! Yippie!

Here’s what the front of the bodice looks like…

rose tyler idiots lantern dress bodice 2

And this is what the back of the bodice looks like…rose tyler idiots lantern dress bodice 1

Since this dress has a different bodice than the other dresses I’ve made for myself, I had to change the way I sewed the sequins onto the bodice. Before I began working on the dress at all, I practiced sewing sequins on what should become River Song’s bodice from The Angels Take Manhattan…

river song angels in manhattan bodice (2) Continue reading “Rose Tyler Idiot’s Lantern Dress- Sequin Progress Update”

Making Myself Rose’s Idiot’s Lantern Dress For the Final Time

At last, I’m making myself Rose Tyler’s pink dress from the Doctor Who episode The Idiot’s Lantern for the last time. Yippie! Right now my thumb has not improved enough to make myself comfortable to hand sew a lot. Because of this I cannot hand sew the sequins onto the bodice yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make the rest of the dress so it will be ready for sequins when my thumb is ready to work!

Although I said I would test out patterns for the dress, I decided for my dress to use the bodice from Simplicity’s 1194 before working with the second pattern. I feel in love with the simplicity of the bodice (No princess seams, just darts) and, despite years of avoiding using darts, I’ve begun to grow a little fond of them lately. Not sure why I’m becoming fond of darts, but I am. Huh.

rose tyler idiots lantern dress bodice Continue reading “Making Myself Rose’s Idiot’s Lantern Dress For the Final Time”

Changes to the Idiot’s Lantern Dress

When I decided to make a new, as accurate as possible version of dress Rose Tyler wore in the Doctor Who episode The Idiot’s Lantern, I thought everything would work out well and by this time I’d be almost finished sewing sequins onto the bodice. Boy, have things changed!

Since my last post about the dress, I cut out the pieces to make the dress from Contessa satin. After doing this, I pinned all the bodice pieces together to see if they’d fit over my bust. They didn’t. By this time I ran out of fabric so I had to go to the store and purchase some more. After working with the pattern I was using to make the dress some more, I determined the pattern is very weird and I shouldn’t use it. That meant I’d need to by even more fabric to make my dress because the other pieces could possibly not fit the bodice of a new pattern. The problem with the old dress pieces is the length of the skirt. If a bodice is longer, it will make the length of the skirt too long.

By this time I was very frustrated with the dress so I set it aside to think about what to do next. This ended up lasting a few months and now, I came to a decision on what to do with the dress and any Rose Tyler dress I make for my Etsy store. Continue reading “Changes to the Idiot’s Lantern Dress”

Sewing (And Costume) Work-in-Progress Mass Update- The January 2015 Edition

This past month I’ve been sewing a lot. So much that I feel bad because I’ve been ignoring my art! Originally I planned on sewing my costumes for Taiyou Con and the up-coming Renaissance Festival and nothing else, but a few weeks ago my vehicle got hurt so badly I couldn’t drive it anywhere. I know this is old news (I talked about it in my last post), but because I couldn’t drive anywhere, I was stuck at home on my weekends with nothing to do. I did have a lot of sewing projects built up for months that I just didn’t want to work on, so I pulled out as many as I could find and then began finishing or repairing them.

One of the first costumes I pulled out was the bodice for my Miku Hatsune Cantarella dress. Since I made the dress back in 2011, I fixed the back of the bodice in 2014 so it would fit my growing bust better. Now that my bust has finished growing, the bodice was too small. When I fixed the bodice, I thought I’d grow an inch at most so adding some ribbon to make the bodice lace up was the best option. I ended up not growing an inch. I grew a few inches. So, in order for the bodice to be fixed so I can continue to wear it, I needed to add more fabric to the back of the bodice. I ended up adding so much fabric to the back of the bodice I could add a zipper instead of making it a lace up.

Here’s what the bodice looked like after I sewed the zipper in and before I pressed the seams…


After I found that bodice, I found another Miku Hatsune bodice, this time for the 7th Heaven Dragon 2020. Here’s what the artwork looks like…

Hatsune Miku 7th heaven dragon 2020 Continue reading “Sewing (And Costume) Work-in-Progress Mass Update- The January 2015 Edition”

Drafting Rose Tyler and Gwen Cooper’s Jacket Patterns

Two weeks ago I was sick with the flu. While trying to think of something to get my mind off how yucky I felt, I decided it was about time I drafted some patterns for a few Rose Tyler and Gwen Cooper jackets I own. Although I adore the jackets Rose Tyler wears in Doctor Who and the jackets Gwen Cooper wears in Torchwood, finding them are very difficult and it’s even harder to find the jackets in my size. After a lot of thought, I decided that after this year’s Phoenix Comicon, I’ll use what money I had left over from the convention (If I had any money left over) and the money I’d use for going to other conventions and buy any screen accurate clothing I’ve been looking for for a while, buy them, and then make them in a larger size so they’ll fit me.

I’ve collected more screen accurate clothes from various characters from Doctor Who than I care to mention but I will talk about three jackets I’m currently drafting patterns for: Rose Tyler’s Idiot’s Lantern jacket, Rose Tyler’s School Reunion jacket, and one Diesel Gwen Cooper jacket. I’m not done drafting the patterns for the jackets, so I’m only going to talk about the jackets themselves. Continue reading “Drafting Rose Tyler and Gwen Cooper’s Jacket Patterns”

Rose Tyler’s Idiot’s Lantern Dress- The Remade Underskirt

Since I’m remaking the Rose Tyler Idiot’s Lantern dress, I thought it would be nice to make a new underskirt to go with the new dress. The old underskirt is fine and still usable, but my sewing skills have improved since then and after finding new information about the underskirt used for the dressed used in the episode, I decided to remake it.

The original underskirt wasn’t something I’m very proud of when I made it. It was made the night before the convention I was supposed to wear it to so it really wasn’t the best sewing I ever did and I knew it. But I needed an underskirt as soon as possible and as long as the skirt didn’t fall apart while I wore it I didn’t mind the rushed sewing job. It served it’s purpose and three years later it’s still alive, in great shape, and can be worn if I chose. Because it’s lasted this long than I thought it would, I’m not so hard on myself for rushing to finish the skirt.

Here’s what the old underskirt looks like…


Continue reading “Rose Tyler’s Idiot’s Lantern Dress- The Remade Underskirt”

Adventures in Finding Duchess Satin

Its been a while since I made a post so I thought I’d talking about something I’ve been working on and off for about six months, finding Duchess satin for sale.

Sure, it sounds boring, but I cannot believe how hard it is to find Duchess satin where I live! The reason why I’m interested in Duchess satin is because I recently had even more growth spurts. Apparently my body took a break for a few months before starting to grow again. This tricked me into believing that I was done growing when I really wasn’t. So, all the dresses I made for myself to wear as part of a Rose Tyler from The Idiot’s Lantern costume are too big in the bodice and too short in length. I’m so frustrated that I decided to make one last dress, make it as nice as possible with as screen accurate fabric I can find, and then end my struggle for making a dress that will fit me after growth spurts, even if it means I wouldn’t be able to wear it after the growth spurts are done. According to the Bad Wolf’s Closet, the dress used in the episode is made out of Duchess satin. Since this was as screen accurate fabric as I could find, I began to search for white Duchess satin to dye the right color for the dress.

Before I talk about searching for the fabric, here’s a picture of the Rose Tyler Idiot’s Lantern dress….

Rose Tyler in the Idiot's Lantern

I already had some Duchess satin that was pink, but it wasn’t the right shade of pink for the dress. Because I already had Duchess satin, I knew how the fabric felt like, looked like, and could take scrap fabric with me to the store to compare the fabric for sale. After many trips to Joann’s, I couldn’t find fabric like it. Well, that wasn’t true. I did find fabric that was the same as the Duchess satin, but it was far to shinny for the Rose Tyler dress. Also, after looking through every since bolt of fabric I could find at my local Joann’s, I couldn’t find anything for sale by the name of “Duchess satin”. In frustration, I turned to the internet. Continue reading “Adventures in Finding Duchess Satin”

I Finally Opened an Etsy Store!

That’s right! I finally opened a store on Etsy! It’s a long time coming, but I finally got everything together and opened it. Preparing to open the store is also why I don’t make as many posts as I want to. (Busy sewing and such) Here’s the link:

My Etsy store is called Emmor Hunter. Funny name, but hey. It’s original and that’s what I was looking for. 😀 The purpose of my Etsy store is to sell limited run prints of my art and photography, original art (Sketches, watercolor paintings, ect.), and to sell some things I’ve sewn.

Here are some of the items I’m currently selling in my store…

In the art category…

  • Clara’s Headband 4″ by 5″ cards.
  • Triforce Nouveau 4″ by 5″ inch cards.
  • Golden Sunset No. 2 4″ by 5″ inch cards.

Envelopes are included with the cards.

I’m currently working on getting the limited run prints of the photos I took organized right now so don’t expect them to show up soon. I’ll announce when they and any limited run art prints are for sale.

Of course I didn’t forget about the sewing! I’ve been planning on making and selling some Rose Tyler Idiot’s Lantern dresses for a while now. I finished one dress and now it’s for sale! Here’s what the dress looks like…


Fair warning, although the dress has a flaw in the back (Fabric on the zipper doesn’t match up perfectly), this dress is expensive. I can’t get around cutting costs that much because of the amount of hand sewing I do with the dress. Especially since I hand sewed the sequins onto the bodice.

I also have some Christmas socks for sale there too! They’re not for sale at this time because I wanted to time the time of the listing so the listing will end after Christmas is over, but still have plenty of time before Christmas to sell them. I’ll announce when I’ll have them available for purchase.

Well, I think that’s everything!

I’ll keep everyone posted on new additions to the store (Beyond the Christmas socks).

That’s all for now!