The Chiffon Undershirt

When I decided to make my Elizabethan Whovian costume, I decided to make an undershirt instead of attach the sleeves to the gown. The reason is because I wanted the sides of the gown so it will still fit me as I loose weight.

You can see the lace up sides in my sketch of the drawing…


I don’t think it’s historically correct (For the 1570’s at least) to put lacing in the sides of the gown. Despite this, I’ve seen lacing in the sides of dresses in patterns for 10th through 14th century dresses and there is lacing in the sides of one of the dresses from season two of the Outlander. Since this costume is supposed to be worn during weight loss, I though being able to take in the sides by tightening laces as I loose weight is a very practical idea.

Although lacing in the sides solves my sizing problem, another problem popped up. The pattern I’m using for the costume, Simplicity 3782, calls for the sleeves to be attached to the gown. If I make the gown with the sleeves attached to it, tightening the laces on the sides will cause the sleeves to get distorted. There are ways around this, but all the solutions I though of are complex and I wanted to make the costume’s construction more simple. So, I decided to solve the problem by making an undershirt with the sleeves attached. That way the laces can be tightened on the gown without distorting the way the sleeves look.

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Elizabethan Whovian- Dress Design and Fabric

It’s that time of the year when the Arizona Renaissance Festival reopens! Although I’m very excited about the fair, I had so much going on in my life these past few years that I was unable to go to the festival more than one day and I was unable to make or finish any costumes to wear to it. This year, I’m able to work on a costume, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go. Still, I’m going to try to make a new costume. Continue reading

Rey’s Star Wars The Force Awakens Costume- Part 1

I was unable to go to the 2016 Phoenix Comicon, making this second time in two years I couldn’t go, but that’s how life goes. Despite this, I thought about what costume I wanted to make for the convention. I already had costumes planed for the convention, but since I knew I wouldn’t be able to go, I didn’t finish them by the date of the convention.

The weekend of the 2016 Phoenix Comicon was the hottest on record (With temperatures around or above 110 degrees Fahrenheit) and, since I was stuck at home, I began to look at the costumes I wanted to wear to the convention. I realized that all the costumes I wanted to wear would be too hot to wear during those temperatures.

A few weeks before Comicon, I found out McCall’s has a costume pattern for Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens. Since Hobby Lobby had a sale on McCall’s patterns, I bought the last one that was in the store. (I also bought the last Kylo Ren costume pattern, but that’s besides the point.) Since I had the pattern, and Rey’s costume would be perfect to wear to a convention that is held during a time when Arizona has such high temperatures, I decided to make Rey’s costume so I can have it ready to wear anytime I wanted to wear a costume to a convention, but it’s too hot to wear a ballgown or wear any Doctor Who costume I have. I also plan on using it as a back up Halloween costume in case this year’s my planned costume doesn’t end up working out or get finished in time.

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Elsa’s Frozen Fever Dress-Part 2

After a writer’s block last week, I finally finished the last post about how I made Elsa’s Frozen Fever dress! Although this is the last post about the dress, the posts about the shirt and cape will not be posted for a while because I have yet to work on them. XD

In my last post, I talked about sewing the dress together and talking about how I sewed the shirring into the back of the dress. Today, I’ll talk about sewing sequins onto the dress and finishing the dress.

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Elsa’s Frozen Fever Dress-Part 1

A few months ago, I planned on going to Phoenix Comicon 2016. I ended up not going because I wanted to take care of my ill family member, but when I was planning on going I decided to make and wear Elsa’s dress from Frozen Fever…

Elsa Frozen Fever

I recently just finished the main dress, so I thought I’d talk about how I made it and what it looks like done! Continue reading

Anna’s Coronation Dress- Finishing the Skirt

After what feels like forever, I can now finally make the last post about the skirt for Anna’s coronation dress! You can read my other posts about the skirt here and here.

I’m not going to lie, I’m very happy this skirt is done. I was getting very tired of working on it and seeing it around my house. Now that it’s done, I can work on long list of to-sew projects that keeps growing every week. (Most of them are repairs or adjustments to clothes so you won’t see them here on my blog. Especially since they are uninteresting and boring. ;) )

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Anna’s Coronation Dress- Skirt Panels and Pattern Fix

Progress on the skirt for Anna’s coronation dress was fast, but then quickly slowed down due to life, a virus I caught, and other projects I’m working on. Now that I’m nearing completion of the skirt, I decided to finish writing my posts about the skirt.

In the last post I made about the skirt I talked about the fabric I found for the skirt and an instruction error in the pattern. Since that is the most important part of this post, I’ll talk about that first.

What exactly happened was while I was cutting out the fabric for the light green skirt panels (These are the panels that go on both sides of the olive green appliqued panel) I saw on the pattern piece that ten panels needed to be cut. I thought that was weird because there are ten olive green panels in the skirt. Since the light green panels are supposed to go on both sides of the olive green panels, I thought I needed to cut twice that number of panels.

For my own amusement, I decided to try to cut out ten panels and see what happens. Since the light green satin (The name of the satin color I used is celery) I was using for the light green panels was on clearance and I already knew based off my own attempts to drape the skirt myself, I knew I needed a lot of fabric so I bought all the fabric the store had. This ended up totaling the twice the amount of yards the Simplicity pattern called for. Because of this, I knew that if I followed the pattern’s instructions and cut ten light green panels, I could always cut more without worrying about where to buy more fabric. Continue reading

Anna’s Coronation Dress- Appliques Done and Skirt Panels

Everyone, I have some good news! After five or six months of on and off work, I finally finished sewing the appliques onto the skirt panels for Anna’s coronation dress! You can read how I began working on the dress here.

I hated working on the appliques because I overworked my thumb, thus forcing me to not be able to do any hand sewing for at least a week. Next time I do any sort of hand sewing on appliques, I need to create a work schedule to give my hand breaks.

Anyway, here’s what all 10 skirt panels with the appliques sewn on look like…

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Favorite Patterns for 2015- Simplicity

Finally, I made the follow up post to my favorite sewing patterns from McCall’s! (Just in time for Halloween too) It took me longer than I wanted to type this post because Simplicity and McCall’s released even more new costume patterns for sale. This was driving me crazy because… well… I thought they would release them at once and be done with it. Instead they released them in phases. Since I cannot go to a store as easily as I could last year, it took me a while to buy all the patterns I wanted.

Since I’m currently reorganizing my sewing room, I was unable to take photos of all the patterns I bought and wanted to feature in this post. Because of this, I’m using pictures from Simplicity’s website to show what the costumes should look like. Continue reading

Anna’s Coronation Dress- All the Pretty Appliques

Despite planning to make Anna’s coronation dress from Frozen, I held back talking about this costume because I wanted to finish it first, then make a post about how I made it, complete with photos of the finished dress. Since I decided to make this dress over a year ago and I’m still working on it, I decided to make a post about my progress on the dress.

Although I can relate to Elsa and her struggles, especially since this past year was very hard on me, I look like Anna. My hair is the same color as Anna’s, I have freckles, and I have bangs. (I’m growing my bangs out but they’re taking so long I’m getting used to them) I can also be really awkward and say silly things when I’m nervous. (It’s especially obvious (and embarrassing) when I’ve go to conventions and tried to make small talk with not just the actors I’m getting autographs from but also people standing next to me in line, anyone I sit next to in panels, someone at the ticket counter, guys, ect.) So, I thought it would make sense to make one of Anna’s dresses and wear it at a convention. That way I could be awkward and everyone will not think I’m weird! XD

I originally wanted to make Anna’s peasant outfit for Phoenix Comicon 2014, but that ended up not working out. I still plan on finishing the costume, but since I got sick of running into the skirt fabric while looking for other fabric, I decided to finish the coronation dress first.

In case anyone forgot what Anna’s coronation dress looks like, here’s a picture of it in the Art of Frozen book…

anna coronation ref

Last year, when I began making Anna’s dress, I decided to draft the pattern for the skirt from scratch. Everything was going fine with the pattern drafting… until Simplicity released pattern number 746/1215…


After seeing the pattern, I debated if I should use my self-drafted pattern or Simplicity’s. It took me a few months of on-and-off thinking before I decided to use the pattern for my skirt.

I decided to use the pattern because it came with applique patterns and a placement guide for the appliques. Since I had problems figuring out how to place the appliques on the skirt and no energy to figure it out, I took the easy way out and depended on Simplicity to figure it out for me. Continue reading