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Making Belle’s Beauty and the Beast Live Action Movie Yellow Ballgown Part 2: The Fabric

A few years ago, after I decided to make Belle’s dress from the live action version of Beauty and the Beast, I decided to buy all the things I needed to make the dress. The major supply I needed to buy is the fabric to make the dress.The pattern calls for satin fabric for the main parts of the dress and organza for the flounces and decorations. Since my dress will have sleeves, I needed to buy more fabric for the sleeves. I didn’t need much (Maybe a half a yard if I didn’t want large flounces on the sleeves? Maybe a yard if I did?) but I wanted to make sure I got enough fabric for the sleeves just in case the fabric color changes from bolt to bolt.

After a lot of shopping, I decided to buy my satin fabric at Hobby Lobby…

When I took a photograph of the satin fabric, it sat in storage for years. Because of that, the fabric was very wrinkled. I also didn’t take the time to iron it before the photograph.

The satin I purchased at Hobby Lobby is very shinny, but it is light weight. Whenever I use this kind of satin, I like to use the wrong side of the fabric as the right side. It has a shine to it, but it is no where near shinny as the right side. For the Belle dress, I will be using the wrong side of the fabric.

While shopping for fabric, I wanted to buy myself a backup satin fabric. I did find some very nice thick satin that would be great for wedding dresses. It is a great fabric, but it is a deeper gold color than bright yellow the Hobby Lobby fabric is in. I really love the fabric, but I like the color of the Hobby Lobby fabric. Because of this, I decided to use the Hobby Lobby fabric instead of my nicer satin. I plan on using the other fabric for a different project.

As for the flounces and dress decorations, I wanted to buy organza and chiffon. I found some chiffon at the same store as the nicer dark gold satin fabric.

The chiffon is made out of polyester and has a metallic shine to it. I really like it a lot, but I decided to see if I could find some organza.

When I searched for organza in store, I couldn’t find it in the right yellow gold shade. I found plenty of dark gold organza, but not yellow gold. Remembering something I did many years ago for a different costume, I searched Ebay and found organza in the right shade of gold I wanted…

The fabric is advertised for wedding and other decorations, but it is actually just ordinary organza. I found nothing different with this fabric than the fabric I found in store. I needed many yards of organza, so I ordered the fabric in bulk. There were a few yard options, so I picked the 10 yards size. I can’t remember how much the organza cost, but I do remember it cost less than $8 USD per yard. Since the in store organza I looked at had a start price of $9.99 per yard, I saved some money and got the color I wanted.

Even though I have the fabric I need to make the dress, I’m having some problems with the sewing pattern. I tried to look for the sewing pattern. I thought it would be easy to find, but it wasn’t in the place I put it last. After some searching, I remembered I packed it away to make sure it’s with other sewing patterns I own. As of this post, I’m still searching for the pattern.

Since I can’t find the pattern, I decided to set the dress aside for a while. I’m also very busy with work and life things, which prevents me from searching for the pattern. I could buy a new pattern from Simplicity’s print on demand service, but I don’t want to buy one when I know I still have my own pattern somewhere in my house. Also, I don’t have the time to work on the dress right now. Like I said, I’m very busy right now and I want to make the dress when I have the time to actually focus on making the dress.

So, until things in my life calm down, I won’t be working on the dress. In the mean time, I will be working on other sewing projects that take less time to make. If I make enough progress in those sewing projects, I will talk about them in future posts.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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