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Summer Solstice 2023 Desert Sunset Photographs Part 2

Hi everyone! On June 21, 2023, AKA summer solstice, there was a beautiful sky at sunset. I took may photographs of the desert my relative lives near. I took many photographs of the sunset with my favorite saguaro cactus to photograph, which I talked about in a separate post. After taking those photographs, I walked around the desert some more to see if there were any other areas in the desert I could take pictures of. I found a few, but some turned out better than others.

For this post, I want to talk about some of the photographs that I think didn’t turn out as well. Even though they aren’t as nice as the photographs in other posts, I still love the way the sky looks in them. So, I’m decorating this post to all the photographs with a beautiful sky but meh looking foreground or composition.

Here is the first photograph…

As you can see, the sky was very beautiful that day! Despite this, the foreground didn’t look as ideal as I wanted it to. There is a small saguaro cactus in the middle of the photograph. I knew it was there for many years, but for the past few years it has become more and more pronounced in this area.

Here is another photograph of the same area, this time with more sky….

Nearby the saguaro is this barrel cactus…

I wanted to take a picture of it because it had fruit still on it. As you can probably tell, everything the light hit had a pink hue to it. It was really pretty and magical!

And finally, here is a photograph of the crescent moon and the evening star near each other with the pink and purple hued clouds in front of them…

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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