2018 Spring Ironwood Blossoms

For the last few weeks, I talked about the photos I took of peach tree and Saguaro blossoms. This week, I wanted to share the last set photographs I took of 2018 spring blossoms.

The last set of photographs are of Ironwood tree blossoms. Normally, the Ironwood trees near my home do not blossom as much as they did this year. Every single Ironwood tree I saw was covered in lavender purple blossoms. They were so beautiful and I’m so happy I got to see them and take photos of the blossoms! Continue reading “2018 Spring Ironwood Blossoms”

Desert Sunset Photographs- February 22, 2018

Hi everyone! On February 22, 2018, I took photos of a beautiful sunset. The sunset didn’t have the normal spectacular clouds near where the sun set in the sky, but there were clouds. I really liked the textures of the clouds so I took photos of them…

Even though the clouds didn’t cover the setting sun, I was able to take some nice photographs of a saguaro cactus as the sun set…

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

February 18, 2018 Rainbow Photographs

Hi everyone! In my last photography post, I showed and talked about photographs I took of the desert after a rainstorm. While I was outside taking those photographs, a rainbow formed and I began to take photographs of it.

The rainbow started out as small, but it became a full arch.

It almost became a double rainbow, but I didn’t take a photograph of it.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

February 18, 2018 Desert Photographs

On February 18, 2018, there was a winter storm that came through the area I live in. It did rain some, but that’s about it. (Raining is about all that happens during a winter storm in the area I live) Since there was clouds, I decided to take some photos of the sunset.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

January 13, 2018 Desert Photography- Black and White Version

Hi everyone! In my last post, I talked about photos I took while on a hike. While editing the photos for the post, I also converted some of the photos from color to black and white.

Here’s what they look like…

I like how many of the photos turned out, but I’m not happy with some of the other photos. I didn’t have much trouble editing the photos, but some of the photos are not as impressive to look at as others. I did not include in this post the photos I really did not like, but it did annoy me that I didn’t like the photos so much I didn’t want to post them.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

January 13, 2018 Desert Photography

On January 13, 2018, I went out into the desert for a hike. I didn’t originally intend on going on a hike that day, but I was given the opportunity to go for one in an area that I normally do not hike in, so I decided to accept the invitation. While I was there, I took photos of the desert…

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

November 2017 Sunset Photographs

Hi everyone! I cannot believe this, but after searching through my drafts for my posts here on my blog, I found this post that was never published. I don’t know why it was never published, so I think it’s about time I post it! Most of the photos I took are the of sunsets and clouds, so I decided to post all the photos in one big post.

The photos I’m posting are from three days, November 5th, 8th, and 11th. I have other photos, but I didn’t like them as much as the ones in this post. Continue reading “November 2017 Sunset Photographs”

Black and White Desert Photography

It’s the last week of 2017 so before the year ends, I wanted to make two more posts about photographs I took in 2017 that I converted from color to black and white.

Looking through the photographs I took this past year, I found some photographs I took to test my then new Cannon camera. I talked about them in a post called New Camera and Desert Test Photos that can be found on this blog here. I wanted to take a few of them and convert them to black and white just to see how they would look like.

Here are the black and white photographs I converted of the animals…

These are the ones of the flowers…

And finally, here are the converted photographs of the saguaro blossom buds…

Overall, I’m happy with the way the photos converted from black and white. I have a few critiques about the photographs, but they are about the close-ups and the angle I took the photos. There isn’t very much I can do to change that except try harder next time I take photos in the spring.

Well, that’s about it! Thank you for reading!

April 28, 2017 Cactus Blossom Color and Black and White Photographs

Hi everyone! I’m back with some more black and white photographs, this time they are ones I did not post here before. I found them while searching for other photographs I took this year, but when I realized I never posted them. The photographs, which are of a saguaro blossoms and saguaro blossom buds, looked nice so I thought it would be a good idea to post them before the end of 2017.

Since I never posted the photographs online, I decided to post both the colored version and the black and white converted versions. I also will not critique the way I took the photographs and how that influenced the way the black and white conversion like I did with the Arizona Renaissance Festival photographs. Continue reading “April 28, 2017 Cactus Blossom Color and Black and White Photographs”

New Camera and Desert Test Photos

After five and a half years of loyal service, I realized my main camera, a Sony Cybershot, was dying. I knew it was having problems in 2013, but I was still able to make it work and do what I want until last year. While at the Renaissance Festival, I realized it was really having problems and was draining the battery even though the camera was off. I tried new batteries, but nothing worked. I also had problems with it focusing and zooming in when I wanted it to. So, it was time to get a new camera.

After a lot of debate, I decided to get a Cannon Powershot. After getting it, I began playing with my new camera and took photos of a cactus blossom, a tree blossom, and fruit on a barrel cactus.

After taking these photos and editing them, I was very pleased with the way they turned out. Since I didn’t take many photos the first time, I took more photos around the desert to see how far I can push the camera before it starts to have trouble taking photos.

After I took this set, I discovered my camera’s image stabilization stops working after zooming 60x. My camera has a standard 40x zoom, but it can go up to 160x. I think the stabilization of the camera will be fine if I use a tripod, but it’s something of note when I’m carrying the camera around and need it to zoom that far. Also, it has problems focusing on the plants in the foreground when taking a close up of them. My Sony had the same problems when I take close up flower photos, so it’s something I’m used to. Still, it’s something annoying I need to remember if I want to take close up flower photos.

Over all, I’m very pleased with my new camera and find it a good replacement for my old Sony. I still need to test the Cannon to see if it will take photos of stars at night, but, since it behaves like my Sony, I believe the Cannon will be able to take photos at night just fine.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!