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The Loki and Majorette Scarfs

This past month has been very busy for me and my normal job. Because of this, I didn’t have the time I sew as much as I’d like to. In spite of this, I was able to make some progress on my personal sewing projects and a little bit of progress on things for my Etsy store. It wasn’t as much progress as I’d hoped, but something is better than nothing!

Something on my to-do sewing list was finish a scarf I began last year. The scarf was made out of majorette fabric I found on Spoonflower (Located here) and I knew I wanted to make a skirt out of it, especially since I was the drum major of my high school marching band and when I used to attend college, I was studying music education. Unfortunately, I had the design printed on polyester silk crepe de chine. It wasn’t bad fabric, in fact I liked it very much, but I needed more fabric and by the time I got around to making the skirt the fabric was no longer for sale because it was a limited edition fabric. Since I didn’t have enough fabric to make a skirt, I decided to make a scarf out of it.

Although making a scarf is not as complex as a skirt, it wasn’t until 5-ish months later that I got around to finishing it.

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