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My name is Mary Ruth Anderson, but I prefer to be called Mary. I’m an artist, seamstress, and photography hobbyist. I also make costumes (Or cosplay) as a way to get better sewing and to have fun at conventions and at my local Renaissance Festival. You can read more about me on the about me page.

I like to blog about my art, sewing, and photos I took along with other things that I do or would like to talk about. These posts can be found at the my blog page but if you are looking for pages dedicated to a specific topic, there are pages dedicated to my art, sewing, and photography.

Recent Posts

Anna’s Coronation Dress- Appliques Done and Skirt Panels

Everyone, I have some good news! After five or six months of on and off work, I finally finished sewing the appliques onto the skirt panels for Anna’s coronation dress! You can read how I began working on the dress here.

I hated working on the appliques because I overworked my thumb, thus forcing me to not be able to do any hand sewing for at least a week. Next time I do any sort of hand sewing on appliques, I need to create a work schedule to give my hand breaks.

Anyway, here’s what all 10 skirt panels with the appliques sewn on look like…

anna coronation dress skirt 3 Continue reading

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