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Black and White Desert Photography

It’s the last week of 2017 so before the year ends, I wanted to make two more posts about photographs I took in 2017 that I converted from color to black and white. Looking through the photographs I took this past year, I found some photographs I took to test my then new Cannon camera. […]

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Winter Lady Watercolor and Pencil Art

Last year, after months of not drawing original art (Sans clothing and costume ideas) I sat down and drew a new picture! And, because I’m ridiculously slow about talking about anything but fabric designs on this blog, I’m going to talk about it now. *sigh* This drawing, called Winter Lady, was drawn on watercolor paper […]

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New Fabric Design- Diamond Broach Damask

Hi everyone! After writing so many blog post about fabric designs, I’m so happy to say that this will be the last fabric design post for the year! (I’m getting very tired of writing blog post about fabric designs when I would rather write about other things) Today’s fabric design is called Diamond Broach Damask. […]

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