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The Completed Fable 3 Elegant Princess Suit

I’m not very pleased with the title of this post, but its the best I can think of right now. 😛

I began making the Elegant Princess Suit (Or dress) from the video game Fable 3 back in November of 2011. Although I finished it in 2012, I had to remake parts of it thanks to the constant enemy of my sewing and normal, everyday clothing… growth spurts. Fortunately, I finished it and it still fits in spite of recent growth spurts. (That’s right. I’m apparently not done growing) Although I finished it, I never got around to taking photos of the completed costume. Since I still don’t know some that knows how to use at least one of my cameras, I have to dress up my dress form and take photos of it myself. I think its becoming a tradition that the first photos posted online of a completed costume or sewing project I made are on a dress form and not on me. Haha! XD

Here’s what the whole entire costume looks like…


The dress is made out of satin, cotton, and navy silk. This was the first time I ever worked with silk so it was interesting. I am glad I did it because now I have confidence to work with silk more! The sleeves have hand embroidered details that can be seen in this post.

I still have yet to make the tiara. It’s harder than it looks so I’m taking my time making it. Losing the box that held all the pieces to make the tiara in my pile of storage boxes does not help matters either.

I got the chance to wear it to Taiyou Con 2014, but that was only for an hour. It wasn’t full of fan fare or anything special like that, but knowing I wore it once and it didn’t fall apart or the sleeves didn’t fall off my shoulders makes me happy. I still would like to wear the costume somewhere else and for longer than an hour. 🙂

If anyone would like to know how I made this costume, I typed up a summary including fabrics and patterns used on its own page. You can find the page here.

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