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Belle’s Broadway Dress Drawing

Recently, I bought a new sewing machine online to make sewing easier. Although I bought it over a week ago, it hasn’t arrived at my house yet…. but that’s another story. Anyway, to pass the time waiting for my machine to arrive at my house, I drew. A lot.

One of the drawings I did was of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I recently revived my love of Broadway musicals and one of the musicals I focused on was the Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast. I fell in love with the dresses Belle wore in the musical, and since I wasn’t doing any sewing at that time, I drew a fan art of one of the dresses….


The drawing can be bought as a print on deviantART only. I never sold my art before so this is a test-run of selling prints.

Anyway, hope you enjoy seeing Belle! And I also hope my sewing machine comes soon. I’m starting to have serious sewing withdraws….

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