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Snow White’s Mirror Mirror Dress~ Part 3

Well, as you probably know by now, I had to stay home from the Phoenix Comicon because I felt sick. I was feeling very depressed about not going so I was trying to find something to get my mind off the Comicon. I had already started working on my Snow White, Mirror Mirror dress earlier in the week so I thought it would be the perfect thing to focus my thoughts on. I ended up making more progress on the whole entire costume than I ever had before. (See what happens when I miss a convention I was looking forward to for a year?!)

Earlier in the week, I had cut out all the pieces needed for the skirt and the the royal blue sleeves.

The sleeve pieces looked like this…006a

And the light blue over skirt looked like this…


Both the skirt and the sleeve pieces were rectangles. I used very little measuring (I measured how long I wanted the skirt and sleeves and that was about the only measuring I did) and I didn’t use a formal pattern to make either one. I set aside the sleeves so I can focus on the skirt first. In the photo above, you can see I hemmed the bottom of the light blue skirt. (I didn’t hem the royal blue skirt at this time.) After it was hemmed, I added trim to the bottom of the skirt.

The original dress’ trim looks like this…


Since this costume isn’t supposed to be 100% accurate, I looked for some trim that would work in a more accurate trim’s place. I ended up finding this trim during a 50% off sale…


I pinned the trim onto the bottom of the light blue skirt, then carefully sewed it with my sewing machine.


After that, I pinned the light blue skirt to the royal blue skirt, base stitched them together, and added an elastic waistband.

This is what the skirt looked like before I hemmed the royal blue part of the skirt…


Since then, I hemmed the bottom of the skirt, making it 100% done. I’ve since moved on to making the sleeves for the bodice, the last thing I need to do before the whole entire costume can be officially called “done”! Unfortunately, the sleeve progress has been slowed down due to sewing machine problems. I still hope to get them done by the end of the month. 🙂

Edit: The royal blue part of the skirt was made using the Simplicity #1728 skirt pattern. I didn’t modify the pattern or add panels. 🙂

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