Elsa’s Frozen Fever Dress-Part 2

After a writer’s block last week, I finally finished the last post about how I made Elsa’s Frozen Fever dress! Although this is the last post about the dress, the posts about the shirt and cape will not be posted for a while because I have yet to work on them. XD

In my last post, I talked about sewing the dress together and talking about how I sewed the shirring into the back of the dress. Today, I’ll talk about sewing sequins onto the dress and finishing the dress.

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Elsa’s Frozen Fever Dress-Part 1

A few months ago, I planned on going to Phoenix Comicon 2016. I ended up not going because I wanted to take care of my ill family member, but when I was planning on going I decided to make and wear Elsa’s dress from Frozen Fever…

Elsa Frozen Fever

I recently just finished the main dress, so I thought I’d talk about how I made it and what it looks like done! Continue reading “Elsa’s Frozen Fever Dress-Part 1”

Anna’s Coronation Dress- Finishing the Skirt

After what feels like forever, I can now finally make the last post about the skirt for Anna’s coronation dress! You can read my other posts about the skirt here and here.

I’m not going to lie, I’m very happy this skirt is done. I was getting very tired of working on it and seeing it around my house. Now that it’s done, I can work on long list of to-sew projects that keeps growing every week. (Most of them are repairs or adjustments to clothes so you won’t see them here on my blog. Especially since they are uninteresting and boring. 😉 )

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Anna’s Coronation Dress- All the Pretty Appliques

Despite planning to make Anna’s coronation dress from Frozen, I held back talking about this costume because I wanted to finish it first, then make a post about how I made it, complete with photos of the finished dress. Since I decided to make this dress over a year ago and I’m still working on it, I decided to make a post about my progress on the dress.

Although I can relate to Elsa and her struggles, especially since this past year was very hard on me, I look like Anna. My hair is the same color as Anna’s, I have freckles, and I have bangs. (I’m growing my bangs out but they’re taking so long I’m getting used to them) I can also be really awkward and say silly things when I’m nervous. (It’s especially obvious (and embarrassing) when I’ve go to conventions and tried to make small talk with not just the actors I’m getting autographs from but also people standing next to me in line, anyone I sit next to in panels, someone at the ticket counter, guys, ect.) So, I thought it would make sense to make one of Anna’s dresses and wear it at a convention. That way I could be awkward and everyone will not think I’m weird! XD

I originally wanted to make Anna’s peasant outfit for Phoenix Comicon 2014, but that ended up not working out. I still plan on finishing the costume, but since I got sick of running into the skirt fabric while looking for other fabric, I decided to finish the coronation dress first.

In case anyone forgot what Anna’s coronation dress looks like, here’s a picture of it in the Art of Frozen book…

anna coronation ref

Last year, when I began making Anna’s dress, I decided to draft the pattern for the skirt from scratch. Everything was going fine with the pattern drafting… until Simplicity released pattern number 746/1215…


After seeing the pattern, I debated if I should use my self-drafted pattern or Simplicity’s. It took me a few months of on-and-off thinking before I decided to use the pattern for my skirt.

I decided to use the pattern because it came with applique patterns and a placement guide for the appliques. Since I had problems figuring out how to place the appliques on the skirt and no energy to figure it out, I took the easy way out and depended on Simplicity to figure it out for me. Continue reading “Anna’s Coronation Dress- All the Pretty Appliques”

Practicing Dragon Scale Smocking

Sorry I let my blog go quiet for a while! Although I was still sewing, taking photos, and drawing, I had too many things happen in my life that zapped any and all joy of taking about what I’m working on. Things have calmed down some so I’m going to try to start blogging again! (Lets hope everything stays calm!)

I keeping with my attempts to make a new costume to wear to the Arizona Renaissance Festival, I already picked out what dress I want to make and wear to the 2016 festival: Daenerys Targaryen’s white dress from season 5 of Game of Thrones…

Daenerys white dress season 5

Recently I’ve fallen in love with Daenerys’ dresses and really fell in love with her white dress. I’ve been looking for an excuse to make dragon scale smocking so it was the perfect project for me.

Although I decided to wait a few more months before I start sewing the dress, a few weeks ago I decided to practice making the dragon scale smocking. I used the tutorial on Michele Carragher’s website to make my own dragon scale smocking. It was hard, but I was able to do it.

Here’s what my practice smocking looks like…

dragon smocking daenerys

Because I was more interested in actually practicing than keeping some sort of order to where the smocking is placed on the fabric, the top smocking is how its supposed to look like when ironed. As you look down the piece of fabric, the smocking gets messier and messier. That’s because I started to practice there, so its not that pretty to look at. 🙂

I still want to practice smocking so when I make the dress, a lot of smocking will be done and ready to be sewn onto the dress.

As for the rest of the dress, I narrowed down my fabric options to three different white fabrics, but I’m still weighing the cost of the fabric and how easy it will be to wash the fabric. (Since I’m wearing an all white dress to a Renaissance Festival and I’ll be sometimes sitting on the ground, machine washable fabric is a must.) I hope to finally pick a fabric and buy it in either August or September. I’m also trying to decide on what pattern to use for the dress. I’m considering using the jumper pattern from McCall’s 7184 for the bottom half of the dress, but I’ll need to make some adjustments to the pattern or probably just using a different pattern entirely. I’m not sure what to do about the sleeves. McCall’s and Simplicity do not have patterns in print that I can use for the sleeves so I’ll probably need to draft the pattern from scratch.

So, that’s about it for my Renaissance Festival dress! I’ll probably be quiet about making it, but it’s coming and I’m very determined to finish it by February. Let’s see if I’ll have the guts to wear it! XD

Clara Oswald’s Robots of Sherwood Dress- Is it Red or Orange?

Recently I received a question about the color of the Clara Oswald’s Robots of Sherwood dress I made a few months ago. You can read more about the dress I made here. In the post, I referred to the color of the dress as “orange” but in the photos I took, the dress has more of a red color than orange. The difference in color made me wonder, what is a good way of describing the color? Is it really a red or an orange?

After looking through the notes I made about the dress, it is not just a red or an orange, but a combination of both.

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Rose Tyler Idiot’s Lantern Dress- Sequin Progress Update

I know I said I was going to make more posts about my art, I decided to make another post about making Rose Tyler’s pink dress from the Doctor Who episode The Idiot’s Lantern.

A few days ago, I reached a milestone in sewing sequins on the bodice! As of a few days ago (Monday) I finished sewing sequins on half the bodice! Yippie!

Here’s what the front of the bodice looks like…

rose tyler idiots lantern dress bodice 2

And this is what the back of the bodice looks like…rose tyler idiots lantern dress bodice 1

Since this dress has a different bodice than the other dresses I’ve made for myself, I had to change the way I sewed the sequins onto the bodice. Before I began working on the dress at all, I practiced sewing sequins on what should become River Song’s bodice from The Angels Take Manhattan…

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Making Myself Rose’s Idiot’s Lantern Dress For the Final Time

At last, I’m making myself Rose Tyler’s pink dress from the Doctor Who episode The Idiot’s Lantern for the last time. Yippie! Right now my thumb has not improved enough to make myself comfortable to hand sew a lot. Because of this I cannot hand sew the sequins onto the bodice yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make the rest of the dress so it will be ready for sequins when my thumb is ready to work!

Although I said I would test out patterns for the dress, I decided for my dress to use the bodice from Simplicity’s 1194 before working with the second pattern. I feel in love with the simplicity of the bodice (No princess seams, just darts) and, despite years of avoiding using darts, I’ve begun to grow a little fond of them lately. Not sure why I’m becoming fond of darts, but I am. Huh.

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Elsa Inspired Prom Dress

I’m slowly getting the chance to finish the dresses I was planning on making for sale at my Etsy shop. (My day job has been driving me crazy lately so I don’t have the time to sew like I want to) I was able to finish a dress and list it a while, so I decided to talk about it.

I had an idea a while ago to make a prom dress inspired by Elsa’s Snow Queen outfit from the movie Frozen. Although the outfit would look cool as a prom dress, I thought for prom or another formal dance it might be a little much and not that easy to move in. So, I set about making a prom dress inspired by Elsa’s Snow Queen outfit.

elsa prom dress final

The dress was made with sequin dot fabric with a crinkle lame overlay on the bodice. The top of the bodice was made with light blue chiffon and has beads and sequins sewn onto the edges. The skirt is made out of satin and the whole entire dress, including the skirt, is lined with lining fabric.

Like I said before, I put the dress up for sale at my Etsy shop so if anyone likes it, wants it, and can fit in it, you can buy it! XD

As for the other dresses I’m making for sale, they’re coming along slowly. I’m not sure what happened that slowed progress down, but I’m working at a snail’s pace. (Or, that’s what it feels like!) I’m not sure if I’ll get all the dresses I’m working on done by the end of the month, but I’ll try to get at least one done!

Clara Oswald’s Robots of Sherwood Dress- The Work in Progress Post

As with the past few years, I’ve been working on a complex dress to wear to the 2015 Arizona Renaissance Festival. This year is another Doctor Who dress: Clara Oswald’s Robots of Sherwood dress.

Despite making progress on the dress in October, progress was slowed down due to all the hand sewing I needed to do on the dress. It’s been frustrating, but as of this post I’m almost done with my dress.

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