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Sewing Progress for May 22, 2021- Fall Quilt and Christmas Dress

Through out the month of May, I tried to work on my sewing work in progress projects that I never got around to finish. I have so many of these that I’m very embarrassed to admit how many of them I need to work on.

I did make progress with my sewing projects, but I didn’t make as large of a dent in my to-do list that I wanted to. So, on the second to last weekend in May, I decided to pick up my sewing projects and finish as many as I could before May 31.

Even though I work from home, I knew I would have an easy work week during the last full week of May. I originally planned to go out more often and see my friends, but windy weather caused me to change my plans and stay home instead. Since I would be home so much, I decided to write a new post everyday about what I worked on and how much I finished.On Saturday, May 22, 2021, I decided to finish working on the back of a fall quilt I’m currently working on. The back of the quilt is made out of black cotton, but the cotton I purchased isn’t wide enough to cover the whole entire back of the quilt. I knew this, so I purchased enough yardage to piece together a large enough panel to cover the back of the quilt. This wasn’t easy to do because I made a few measuring mistakes, but I was able to fix them with more piecing.

I also cut out quilt batting for the fall quilt and, with the black cotton backing, I safety pinned them to the top of the quilt. I plan on quilting it, cutting out the binding, and sewing the binding to the quilt sometime soon.

The other sewing project I worked on is a plaid flannel Christmas dress. I began working on it in late 2020, but I never finished it. After months of seeing it sit in the same place where I left it when I last worked on it, I finally had enough and began to work on it. I finished sewing side seams, skirt seams, and the shoulder seems. After that, I decided to stop sewing for the day. I plan on sewing the bodice onto the skirt and the zipper tomorrow.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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