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Walmart Unfinished Wood Box

For years, I wanted to own a nice wood box to store things in. I didn’t know what I would store in the box, such as jewelry or keepsakes, but I knew I would like to use it as a display piece. I also had an idea what kind of box I would like to buy. The problem was I couldn’t find the box I liked in my price range. Frustrated by this, I decided to search for a DIY box and paint or stain it. I looked at Michael’s, Joann’s, or Hobby Lobby. I also tried Walmart, but I couldn’t find one in the style or hardware I wanted the box to have. After months of searching for a box, I decided to take a break from searching. A few months later, I finally found a box at Walmart in the right size and hardware I was looking for.

Here’s what the box looks like…


As of this post, I’m still in the planning stages for what to do with this box. I’m thinking of either painting the box or staining the wood. Right now I’m not in a hurry to finish it, so it will be a while before I talk about this box again.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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