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2018 Super Blue Blood Moon Photos

On January 31, 2018 there was a super blue blood moon. The reason why it is called a super blue blood moon is because it is a super moon, the second full moon in January (Thus making it once in a blue moon), and there was a lunar eclipse, which caused the moon to have […]

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January 2018 Pattern Haul

Hi everyone! A few years back, I used to talk about my favorite new home sewing pattern released from the year. I stopped doing this because I became I became so busy I couldn’t keep track of all the patterns I bought that year. This year, I decided to revive these posts, but only as […]

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1970’s Poka Dot Skirt

Hi everyone! Last year, in my post about making a 1950’s denim skirt, I mentioned that I bought two kinds of denim to make two denim skirts. I used one of the denim I bought to make the 1950’s skirt, but the second skirt took longer to finish.

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2017 End of Year Summary- Sewing

Hi everyone! The past two days I talked about all the art I created and photographs I took in 2017. Today’s post is about the third and final summary I wanted to talk about, sewing! When I started 2017, I had plans to remake many of my old costumes that are too large for me […]

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2017 End of Year Summary- Art

Hi everyone! Since it’s January, I wanted to write an end of year summary about my art, sewing, and photography. I have many thoughts about my art, sewing, and photography from this year, so I decided to split each topic up into three different posts. Today’s post is about my favorite art from 2017.

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Inktober 2017-Week 2 Drawings

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry this post is so overdue. I don’t know why, but I didn’t get to finish posting all my Inktober drawings. I began writing this post in October 2017, it was burred in my drafts and was never published. So, here it is, my last post for my Inktober 2017 drawings. […]

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