Old Tucson Studios

In 2011 and 2012, I visited Old Tuscon Studios, located in Tuscon, Arizona. Old Tuscon was used to film movies and TV shows for 75 years. For more information about Old Tucson Studios, please visit their website http://oldtucson.com/

I really enjoyed it and while I was there, I took photos of what I saw. I hope I can go again someday soon!

I created albums of the photos I took on Flickr. Please click on the photos to lead you to the albums dedicated to the photo I took…

1 old tucson button 2011

1 old tucson button 2012

Although I uploded the photos I took on Flickr, I uploaded some of the photos I took in 2012 here on my website. I used these in a blog post that can be read here. The photos are of some of the buildings, sets, props, and other thinks found around Old Tucson Studios that I found interesting or nice to look at.