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A Few Sewing Summer Plans for 2023

Hi everyone! It’s summer time and temperatures where I live are starting to become hotter. I need to stay inside more this summer, so I decided to pick up all the sewing plans I need to work this summer and make them.

I really am excited about my sewing plans for this summer, but I didn’t write all the plans I have. I wanted all the projects on this list to be the most important ones I want to talk about online. There are others, such as quilts I want to make, that I will not be mentioning here. Also, I’m not including the Red, White, and Blue quilt pillow case on this list. Just other things that I normally don’t talk about online unless it is included in this type of post!

More Pajama Bottoms

Every year I make myself new pajama bottoms. Now, it is that time of the year when I sit down and make more. They are not the most exciting sewing project in the world, and is something I don’t like to post about online, but they are a necessity. This time around, I will be making myself pajama bottoms using a new sewing pattern. The pattern, which is from Simplicity, is one I found on Amazon. I seriously considered using my tried and true pajama sewing patterns, but I decided it was time for me to try using a new pattern. As of the writing and publishing of this post, the pattern has not arrived in the mail yet. This also means I cannot talk about how good the pattern is in comparison to my old sewing patterns.


Black Cotton Dress

I don’t wear dresses or skirts very often due to the type of work I normally do. Because of this, all my old dresses and skirts need to be replaced. After hunting for a black dress for years, I finally decided to make myself one out of cotton fabric. I decided on a black dress due to the fact I have absolutely no nice and more formal black dresses or clothes anymore. I am worried about potentially having nothing to wear during a job interview or a funeral, so it is important to me to have something black in my closet just in case. I already picked out fabric and a pattern, but I have yet to make them. (I’m also waiting to purchase more supplies for the dress as well)


Sundress or Top with Tie Straps

After healing so much from the health problems that plagued me for years, I wanted to own a dress or top with tie straps. This type of strap is fashionable this summer. After years of dressing in loose fitting, unfashionable clothes, I decided it was time to actually wear something more fashionable. Unfortunately, the tops and dresses I tried on do not fit me! The straps looked cute, but the rest of the tops or dresses didn’t! After looking at the clothes to figure out what is wrong with them and why I can’t fit into them, I realized I could make the dresses and tops easily at home. I am still hunting for fabric I like to make them out of, but I have a pattern I plan on using.


Potentially a Cotton Floral Dress Made Out of Bed Sheets

I say potentially because I don’t know if I will actually make it. Still, I have an idea to wear a light blue floral dress. The only problem is the only place I found fabric in the right color way I want it to be is actually bed sheets. I’m still torn on if I want to proceed in my idea by purchasing the bed sheets and making the dress out of it. Every time I think about it though, the more I’m drawn to the idea! It is something I need to ponder over while I work on the other important sewing project I want to tackle this summer. This dress is not as important as other sewing projects though… and the thought of using bed sheets makes me laugh and feel mildly worried and embarrassed at the same time.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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