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Phoenix Comicon 2013

This is a little late (By two weeks), but here’s my convention report for the Phoenix Comicon.

I attended the Phoenix Comicon this year and, unfortunately, I did not have much fun. It wasn’t because the convention wasn’t fun or the staff wasn’t helpful (They were super helpful!), it’s because I got sick earlier in the week of the convention.

Due to my health problems I was only able to attend for one day, Friday, and only for a few hours. It was ok, but I’m sure if I was feeling better I’d have some more fun. It also didn’t help that I went… alone. It was spooky for me, but after wandering around for a while I was ok. I was able to attend one panel and then I went straight to the photo booth line to get my photo taken with John Barrowman.  I then roamed around the convention hall, took some photos of stuff, and then went outside to take photos of downtown Phoenix.

While I was at the convention, I began to have battery problems with one of my cameras (The Sony cyber shot) so I ended up using my Cannon power shot for most of the time. Both produced grainy photos while inside, no matter what setting I put it on. This has been a problem I’ve been having for a few months now so I’m not sure what’s wrong with them. I’m currently playing around with the cameras to find out if there is anything I can do to fix this. So, excuse the grainy photos. 🙂


I took this while I was waiting for the lightrail to come. I didn’t have enough money to stay in a hotel this year, but I hope to save enough money to stay in one for 2014.

After I arrived at the convention hall, I got my badge and schedule.


The registration section of the convention was located in the basement of the convention hall, and the basement is under the one of the streets of downtown Phoenix. There are also three ways of getting to the basement (Three sets of escalators and two stairs next to two of the escalators). Last year, I went up/down two of the escalators, but this year I decided to be adventurous and take the third escalator. Once I reached ground floor, I discovered I was across the street from the convention hall, in symphony hall. I didn’t know that, but I’m glad I found out when I did. I’ve never been in the Phoenix symphony hall before so I was happy to see what it’s like. Even if I had to cross the street to get back to the convention.

After crossing the street, I made my way to the only panel I would attend in the whole entire convention, Ask Super Wholock, which is a question and answer panel using some of the characters from Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Supernatural as the panelist. I’ve watched Doctor Who and Sherlock, but never watched Supernatural (Too scary for me) so I didn’t know how the panel would turn out. I’m happy to say I thought it was very funny. There were moments when some of the audience members would ask questions that confused me, but that’s only because I don’t watch Supernatural. 😉 I’m very glad I attended the panel. It was just as I needed to pick me up and make me want to keep attending the convention for a little while.

I did take photos during the panel, but I posted those on Tumblr so the participants and others who attended the panel would have a better chance at seeing the photos.Here are the links to my Tumblr photo posts…

After the panel I immediately went downstairs to get my photo with John Barrowman! (I’m still waiting for the photo of Mr. Barrowman and I to be available for download)

After the photo, I began to roam the exhibitor’s hall. I found AZ Tarids’ booth along with the Tardis. It was so crowded with people that I decided not to take a photo of it. (I probably would have had a chance to take a photo of the Tardis without a crowd around it, but I was only there one day for a few hours so I’ll never know)

I then moved on to the Lego set and Star Wars section of the hall. They were conveniently set up right beside each other so I didn’t really have to walk far to get from one to the other. I have a friend who is from Arizona and loves Legos and Star Wars so I thought it would be nice to take photos for her. And me, of course! 😉

051b 052b 054b 055b 056b 057b 058b 059b 060b 061b 062b 063b 064b 065b 066b 067b 068b 069b 070b 071b 072b 073b 074b 075a 076ab

077a 079a

After that, I moved on to wander through the rows of the artist and dealers. I was soon stopped by the Kingdom of Umbria’s booth. There, two knights fought each other for the crowd’s enjoyment…

088a 089ab 092a

After the fight was over, I resumed my wander through the exhibition hall’s rows. I didn’t see much I really wanted to buy, so I went back upstairs. I ended up walking around the convention hall, looking around downtown Phoenix and staring at some interesting sculptures….

108ab 110ab

111ab 112ab

Who knew bugs could be so cute! XD

Anyway, due to my wandering and not checking my watch, it began to get late. Well, later than I intended on staying. I was making my way to the cross walk to go to the light rail station when I saw some cars parked outside. I looked at some of them, but when I saw that one was KITT and another was KARR, I figured it would be ok if I stayed a little while later and take photos of the cars parked outside the convention center…


126ab 129ab 128ab

132ab 133ab 134ab 135ab 136ab 137ab 138ab 139ab 140ab 141ab 148ab 149ab142ab

After taking photos of the cars, I took some more photos of the convention center…

144a 143ab

And then I went home.

All and all this was a great convention! I’m glad I got to meet John Barrowman and he was awfully nice. I hope I can go back next year!

As long as I don’t get sick the week of the convention, of course. And perhaps with a few friends. 🙂

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