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New Flannel for a Quilt and Plans for It- Part 1

Hi everyone! Back in December, Joann Fabric and Craft store had a great sale on flannel. I wanted to make a flannel quilt for years, but I never purchased the fabric for it. When I saw the sale, I decided it was time to purchase flannel for quilts.

In my order, I purchased four colors for two quilts. The first quilt is going to be red and white while the second quilt will be blue and light blue marble. I’ll talk about the blue and light blue marble fabric in a future post.

As for the red and white, I wanted to talk about it and some ideas for quilt patterns. I don’t anticipate finishing either quilt until I finish my green and pink quilt (Which I still need to work on) so it may be done in time for fall/winter 2023.

Here is what the fabric looked like before I washed it…

After washing the fabrics, they look basically the same. Also, the red flannel didn’t fade much after washing it repeatedly in order to wash out as much dye as possible to not turn the white flannel pink after they are sewn together.

I different ideas for quilt designs I want to make. I want to make more quilts using patterns from Maple Cottage Designs. I usually purchase my patterns on their Etsy shop, but they do have a website where paper patterns can be purchased as well as digital patterns. There are several designs I want to make, but the ones that caught my eye the most are called Starlit Path and Starlit Road. The listings for both quilt designs feature photos of example quilts made in a red and white color scheme. I really love the way they look, so I am very tempted to copy the example quilts. The problem is there are other designs from the shop that I think will look good in a red and white color way.

In addition to the Maple Cottage Designs, I also have some quilt designs I am considering to make the quilt out of. These patterns are from quilt pattern magazines that I collected for the past six or more years. The only problem is I misplaced where the magazines with the patterns are in! Things are a mess in my house right now due to a massive declutter and cleaning. Since things are a mess, I’m not sure if I can find them before the end of January. I decided if I can’t find the magazines by the end of the month, I will pick a Maple Cottage Designs pattern and use it instead. I know I didn’t get rid of the magazines, but I think they are buried somewhere, safe from being tossed.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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