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Where I’ve Been, Why I’ve Been Gone, and Plans for 2023

Hi everyone! It’s January 2023 and I can’t believe it! For me, the past year has gone by both slowly and fast. Even though I wanted to write more posts at the end of the year, I decided not to.

2022 was an interesting year for me. I thought I would have time to create more and I did. The only problem is I didn’t finish anything I planned on working on. Instead, I needed to either set aside my projects or completely abandon them until a later time. Since then, my health improved a great deal, which forced me to choose between working on things I want to write posts about, or get my life organized better than it currently is offline. I decided on getting my life organized.

During this time, I struggled with the realization that the goals I had no longer exist. I also began to reassess my living situation again. This lead me to realize that I may not be in the right area for me to work jobs I can do or live a healthy life with less allergies. As I write this, I know I will need to move and I have an idea where I should move, but I don’t know when I can actually move. It’s still a work in progress, but I know I need to do this for my future well being and future jobs I can do.

There are many other life changing decision I made in 2022, especially in the later half of the year, I don’t thing it is the right time to talk about them online right now. These decisions and the urgency of them also caused me to feel unmotivated to create art, sewing, photography, ect. and talk about it online in late 2022.

Now that it is 2023, I want to write about things again. I have a new set of life goals and I know how to achieve them. How I achieve my goals is subject to change, but I know I am doing the right thing by setting these goals and focusing on them. Now that my head is clearer and no longer full of worry, I want to talk about art again!

In 2023, I need to start sewing again. I started sewing things in 2022, but in 2023 I must start sewing. Not only do I have too much fabric, I also need more daily clothes. I needed to make myself new clothes for years, but I know in 2023 I will have the chance to do so. Also, I decided to take my health needs more seriously and that includes in the clothes I wear and the fabric it is made out of. I plan on talking more about that in a future post.

As for drawing and general art, I have new art supplies I want to use and talk about more online. I also want to start making more Spoonflower fabric designs. While cleaning out some of my papers, I found original sketches for fabric designs I never finished. I want to finish those before I forget about them again!

Just like sewing, I need to start knitting more. Knitting myself a sweater was a top priority in 2022 that never worked out right. In 2023, I need to make myself a sweater! I have yarn ready to go. I just need to sort out the pattern I want to use to make the sweater and then I’ll be ready to knit. Also, I need to knit myself more things in general. Just like with my sewing goals, I want to make myself clothes and more out of yarn that fits my allergy needs. Otherwise, I could have major health issues from the clothes I wear!

And finally photography. Photography had to fall at the waist side last year due to broken vehicles, broken cameras, and broken computers. This year, I have a computer and camera that work great, but the vehicle is still an issue. I hope I can get it completely fixed soon. That way I can travel to more photogenic places and take pictures of them. The desert I love to take photographs of is still disappearing, so I need to move onto other places to photograph. I’m still on the hunt for them as I write this!

As for my YouTube channel and other social media sites, I wanted to work more on posting this month. I may need to delay posting a new YouTube video, but I know I should aim to post a new video before the end of the month. Same thing goes for my other social media sites. I don’t have a plan for what to post and when right now, but I am working on it.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!