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August 2022 Sunset Photographs

Hi everyone! Earlier this year, I mentioned that the natural desert I love to take photographs is changing. At the time I wrote that post, I believed the desert would change too much for me to photograph it. A few months later, things have changed, but not enough for me to not photograph the desert. I did need to change my camera angles, but I could still photograph the desert!

In August, I went to my favorite photographs spots to take a few photographs of the desert and the summer sunset. On the day I took the photographs, the sunset was not as nice as others I photographed in the past. Despite this, I did take a handful of photographs that turned out well.

Even though I was able to take photographs of the desert and sunset, I know that this will eventually change. I decided that, until the time comes when the desert changes too much to take photographs, I will still try to take photographs of the area. I won’t post all the photographs, but I want to do it for memory sake. If there are photographs that turn out well, I’ll write them online. If not, then I still plan on keeping them for memories.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!