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Starlit Road Pillow- The Pattern and Fabric Choices

Some time ago, I stumbled across quilt patterns available for purchase on Etsy. At the time, I couldn’t find a good quilt pattern that made sense to me. Since the patterns I used were widely available in quilting magazines, I decided to buy a few of the sewing patterns and try them.

One of the shops I tried is Maple Cottage Designs. They have become of my favorite Etsy pattern shops because of their easy to follow patterns and easy to understand wording. I loved their patterns so much, I decided to buy a few more patterns from them and make the quilts once I had enough time.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to work on more than one full sized quilts at this time. Even though I can’t make a full sized quilt, I do have the time to make a throw pillow. One of the quilt designs I purchased, Starlit Road, comes with quilt and throw pillow patterns. I had some fabric left over from my current quilt, so I thought making a throw pillow using the Starlit Road Pillow pattern would be a great way to use the rest of the fabric.

The fabric I have left over from my quilt is this fuchsia fabric…

This fabric is from Walmart and is part of the Waverly Inspirations fabric collection. I purchased a two yard pre cut pack of the fabric for the green and pink log cabin quilt. I like the fabric’s color, so I wanted to try to find other ways to using the fabric for quilts and bedding. This is why I purchased more fabric than what I needed.

In addition to the fuchsia fabric, I will be using some of my navy blue scraps from a different sewing project I didn’t talk about online…

As well as some white fabric I purchased and held onto for whatever I may want to use it for…

Both the navy and white fabrics are also from Walmart and are part of the Waverly Inspirations fabric collection.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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