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More Throw Pillow Knitted Test Panel Progress

Hi everyone! In my previous post about the progress of knitting a throw pillow panel, I showed the beginning of knitting the panel. In this post, I wanted to talk about more progress I made in the pillow panel.

I took photographs of the throw pillow panel when I knitted one fourth the way through the total length of the panel. By this point, the panel was long enough to see the knitted panel. Even though the panel looked good, I made mistakes in knitting it. I didn’t catch the mistakes until I had knitted many rows past the mistake. Since this panel is a sample panel, I decided to leave the mistakes in the knitting and fix them when I knit the real throw pillow cover.

Here is what the panel looked like…

Here is a close up of the panel and the pattern…

The panel is a cable knit pattern. I changed the pattern to add more rows of the cable knit so it would be wide enough to fit the pillow. I like the way the pattern came out, but I am considering replacing the cable knits on the furthest sides of the panel with cable knits in the pattern of the middle cable. I don’t know if this will work out, but it could look good.

As for the mistake I made, it is located on the bottom of the middle cable knit…

It is hard to see in the photograph, but I knitted one of the cables the wrong way. This messed up the pattern, so it looks weird. It can be seen in person, but because I had to hold my camera with both hands, I could adjust the area to show the mistake better.

In my next throw pillow progress post, I will show you what the whole panel looks like!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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