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Throw Pillow Knitted Test Panel Progress

Hi everyone! It’s time for another knitting project progress post series! This time, I decided to make a throw pillow cover.

I found a vintage knitting pattern on Etsy for a throw pillow cover. I really liked the way it looked, so I purchased it. The cover is created by knitting a front and back to create the cover. Even though the idea caught my eye, I wanted to sew a fabric backing to a knitted front panel. I wasn’t sure if it would work out right, but I wanted to give it a try. In order to see if it would work out the way I thought it would, I wanted to create a knitted test panel. I had some left over yarn from knitting the hot water bottle cozies, so I decided to create the test panel out of the left over yarn.

This is what the panel looked like when I began to knit it…

And here is a close up of the panel…

At this point of the knitting, I really liked the way it was turning out. Despite this, I had problems getting to this point. The pattern called for a different type of yarn than I used. The yarn is no longer avialable, which I figured it would be because it is a vintage pattern. I thought the yarn I used, Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo, would work anyway, but I still had problems with the gauge of the yarn. It was too small to use the pattern accurately and make it the right size for the pillow. After adding more stitches, I had the right size for the pillow. This did make me add more cable knit rows, but at this point of knitting, everything worked out the way I hoped.

I will talk about my progress with the throw pillow in a future post.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!