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Joust Arena Sketch

This past weekend I went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. It was a very busy day, so in order for me to attend the joust and have a good seat I sat in the area long before the joust was supposed to begin. I didn’t mind it at all, mostly because that’s when I ate my lunch, but after a while I got bored. Fortunately, I brought a sketch book and began to sketch.

Since I was in the jousting arena, I drew a sketch of the royal box in the front of the arena…


I’m not sure how long it took me to sketch the picture, but by the time I was done the jousting arena was filling up with people to watch the joust. This was the first time I sketched something from the Renaissance Festival and I really did enjoy it, especially since it made the time pass faster. 🙂

That’s all for now. I’m unsure if I’ll be able to sketch more places while I’m at the festival in the future. It depends on how much time I have, where I’ll be sitting, and if I feel inspired. 🙂

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