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Tinyspool & Co. Cottagecore Jelly Roll Fabric Pack

Hi everyone! Last week, I talked about the Fall Harvest jelly roll fabric pack by Tinyspool & Co. I also mentioned it is not the only jelly roll fabric pack I purchased by the company. I also purchased a jelly roll fabric pack in the Cottagecore color way.

I found the Cottagecore jelly roll on Amazon before I saw the Fall Harvest pack. I was really surprised there was a Cottagecore inspired jelly roll, or any quilt fabric pack in the first place. Normally, the fabric designs I find that are Cottagecore inspired are in colors, styles, and patterns I don’t really like. The TinySpool & Co. jelly roll had all the colors I liked or associated with Cottagecore. Also, the patterns were pretty as well! I was so excited to see it that I purchased one jelly roll to see how I would like it and the fabric.

This is what the roll looked like when still in it’s original packaging and when it is unrolled…



I’m sorry for the darker photographs of the fabric. I tried to lighten them, but they didn’t turn out right. So, I left them as is.

As you can probably tell, I ended up purchasing a second jelly roll in the Cottagecore design. I really love the color combination in this roll that I decided to purchase a second roll. I wanted to own two to allow me the ability to make a larger quilt or have more fabric strips to make something complementary to a quilt. Such as a pillow case for a throw pillow.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!