2012 Old Tucson Black and White Photography

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while since I posted any of the photographs I took at Old Tucson in 2012, but after all the photos I took of the Spring blossoms, I wanted to take a beak from posting photographs and post all the other things I have to talk about instead.

The photos I’m posting today are the back and white converted photographs. All the photographs in this post are of the buildings and scenery found in Old Tucson.

Converting the photos was not very hard, but I did have some trouble getting the photographs with a large amount of light colored objects in it to convert correctly. This seems to be a common problem for me when I convert photographs from color to black and white in Photoshop Elements 12. Still, I was able to manage and work with the photos enough to make them look the way I wanted them to.

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2018 Spring Ironwood Tree Blossoms- Black and White Photos

Earlier this week, I talked about the Ironwood tree blossom photographs I took this past spring. For today’s post, I wanted to share the Ironwood blossom photographs that I converted to black and white.

The photographs in this post are the last photographs I took of the 2018 spring blossoms. I’m sad I do not have more to share, but I’m happy I have photographs of the blossoms I feel comfortable sharing on my blog!

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

2018 Spring Ironwood Blossoms

For the last few weeks, I talked about the photos I took of peach tree and Saguaro blossoms. This week, I wanted to share the last set photographs I took of 2018 spring blossoms.

The last set of photographs are of Ironwood tree blossoms. Normally, the Ironwood trees near my home do not blossom as much as they did this year. Every single Ironwood tree I saw was covered in lavender purple blossoms. They were so beautiful and I’m so happy I got to see them and take photos of the blossoms! Continue reading “2018 Spring Ironwood Blossoms”

2018 Saguaro Blossom Photos

Near the end of April 2018, the Saguaro cactus began to blossom. The Saguaros near my home blossomed for about two or so weeks before they closed. During this time, I made plans to take photos of the blossoms, but I was only able to take photos of the blossoms two times, near the beginning of the blossom season and at the end.

Continue reading “2018 Saguaro Blossom Photos”

Desert Sunset Photographs- March 4, 2018

Hi everyone! On March 4, 2018, I took a few photographs of a sunset near my house. I hesitated in posting these photos because there are only four photos and I feel like I’ve turned my blog into a photography blog and ignoring the sewing and art I love to post. I’m currently working on new sewing projects and I’m working on new art and sketches, but until I’m done with them I’ll need to continue posting photographs as filler posts. *sigh*

Anyway, here are the photographs!

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

Desert Sunset Photographs- February 22, 2018

Hi everyone! On February 22, 2018, I took photos of a beautiful sunset. The sunset didn’t have the normal spectacular clouds near where the sun set in the sky, but there were clouds. I really liked the textures of the clouds so I took photos of them…

Even though the clouds didn’t cover the setting sun, I was able to take some nice photographs of a saguaro cactus as the sun set…

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

Casa Grande Ruins- February 8, 2018

Hi everyone! On February 8, 2018, I went to the Casa Grande Ruins to take photos, video, and just to spend the day somewhere I don’t normally go to on a regular basis.

The Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is of Native American adobe ruins. One of these ruins is a three story tall adobe building. You can read more about the Casa Grande Ruins here. I’ve been to the ruins before, but it was many years ago.

I’m very happy I did because on the day I went to the ruins because I got to see a nesting great horned owl in the ruins!

In addition to taking photos, I also recorded video of the ruins. I originally posted the video on Youtube, but after looking at it I realized I didn’t like how it turned out. So, I took it down. I’m not sure if I’ll remake the video and repost it. I don’t like the way the video I recorded at the park turned out, so I think I won’t post a video of my trip to the Ruins.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

Arizona Renaissance Festival- March 3, 2018

Hi everyone! I’m back from a two week blogging break! I had to take some time off because of the Easter holiday and to focus on my day job. But I’m back now with a new post about my trip to the Arizona Renaissance Festival! I’m also doing some cross posting of the photos in this post on my second blog, The Estella Imitative, so if you see photos with this blog’s watermark in a post on that blog, I’m just too lazy to reedit photos with the right watermark. 🙂

On March 3, 2018 I went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Unlike previous years, I didn’t buy a season pass so I only went to the festival once this year. Since the festival has themed weekends, I wanted to go to Time Travelers weekend. I’ve gone every year during this weekend for a few years now and I enjoy it so much I keep going back.

Since 2018 is the 30th anniversary of the festival, Lego Discovery Center in Arizona Mills Mall created a sculpture out of Legos to celebrate.

The sculpture was located in front of the jousting horses stalls. Continue reading “Arizona Renaissance Festival- March 3, 2018”

February 18, 2018 Rainbow Photographs

Hi everyone! In my last photography post, I showed and talked about photographs I took of the desert after a rainstorm. While I was outside taking those photographs, a rainbow formed and I began to take photographs of it.

The rainbow started out as small, but it became a full arch.

It almost became a double rainbow, but I didn’t take a photograph of it.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!