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Pink and Green Log Cabin Green Fabric Replacement

After going through my photographs of the Pink and Green Log Cabin quilt, I found old photographs of the green replacement fabric. The fabric was purchased as a replacement to the original olive green fabric I used in the blocks. While sewing the blocks, I ran out of the fabric and needed to purchase new fabric. I couldn’t find the original fabric anymore, so I looked for a replacement that would match the original fabric’s color and not look out of place on the quilt. I found a nearly perfect replacement fabric at Joann’s not long after my search began.

I originally thought I either deleted the photographs of the fabric or lost them due to problems with my electronics. I ended up finding them while sorting through my old photographs, trying to find something unrelated to the quilt.

Here is what the Joann’s replacement fabric looks like…

And this is what the fabric looks like beside the original fabric, sewn into the block…

And finally, here is a close up of the original fabric on the block next to the replacement fabric…

The only major differences between the fabrics are the original fabric has a dragonfly pattern and has touches of turquoise in the fabric. The Joann’s fabric does not. Despite this difference, the fabrics are very similar. When I sewed strips of the new fabric onto the blocks, they looked really good. When I put the blocks with the old fabric next to the blocks with the new, I couldn’t tell a major difference between the two fabrics.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!