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2020 Renaissance Festival Costume Update- I Have No Idea What I’m Making & RenFair Update

EDIT: I wrote this post the week before the Arizona Renaissance Festival canceled the rest of it’s season due to the mandate by the Governor of Arizona to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Despite this, I wanted to keep the post as-is to show what my plans were last week. I will be writing another post soon about what should’ve been my 2020 Renaissance Festival costume and, if I feel like it, what my feelings are about the closure of the festival. I already discussed my feeling about the Coronavirus and my feelings about the panic associated with the fear of the virus on my lifestyle blog The Estella Initiative. That post can be read here.

Well, I think the title of this post says it all. The festival will be into it’s second, and last, month of being open for the year. And I have no idea what kind of costume I want to make to wear to the festival.

After looking at all the sewing patterns I planned to make, I realized I didn’t have motivation to make them to wear to the festival. I do have a lot of motivation to make them, just not in a hurry with the intention of making them to wear to the festival. Add to that the fact I finally figured out what I want to make using the fabric, and it’s not going to be easy to make before the festival ends for the year, it looks like it will be another costume less year for me at the festival.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to go the festival this year. It’s just been a weird year. I’m currently between jobs and I will need to move before I can work another job. I still have income coming in from other sources, but for the most part I will need to move. I knew I needed to move for years due to serious allergies, but the past five years have become hard for me to live in the area I currently reside in. Moving was always a matter of if, but now my doctors and what I see in my health have made it more urgent and important.

Since I’m so focused on moving as well as where I will be moving, what jobs I can do there, and if I need to quit jobs where I currently live, I really lost any motivation to sew a costume for myself. Because of this, I’m feeling torn.

I enjoy making costumes to wear to the Renaissance festival, but I’m so distracted anymore I find it more of a nuisance than a hobby. Instead of researching costumes, I look up areas to live, housing prices, and moving costs. I’m not upset about how my internet search topics have changed and making costumes for a hobby will always be a hobby I enjoy. I know I will go back to looking up costumes, but right now there are more pressing things to worry about than if I have a historically accurate costume to wear to the festival that I spent hours making.

Fortunately, some of the areas I’m contemplating moving to have Renaissance festivals nearby or within driving distance. So, this is not the end of my costume making for Renaissance Festivals. Despite this, I am disappointed that I cannot make one for this year’s festival, as it could be the last year I can go to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. I don’t know if it will really be the last year I’ll go to the Arizona festival, but the way things seem to go in my life right now, it could be.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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