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4th Doctor Scarf

This weekend is San Diego Comicon weekend. So, in honor of it, I wanted this week’s post to be about something geeky, my 4th Doctor scarf!

Actually I really should say my friend’s 4th Doctor scarf. When I started making it, my friend asked if he could have it once I finished it. So, it’s now his. 🙂

I planned on making the scarf last year, but I was too busy to work on it. A few months ago, while doing spring cleaning, I found the yarn I bought for the scarf and decided to make it.

I finished making it last month and worked on it everyday for three weeks.

The pattern I used was one I found on DeviantART here. According to the poster, it was a memo from BBC in the early 1980’s with the instructions on how to make the scarf. The pattern is for the season 12 scarf. I also found another article about the memo on DeviantART’s history here. (I think you can now understand why my friend wanted to the scarf. 😉 )

Although it took me weeks to finish, it wasn’t that hard to make. Just time consuming. Since I have a wool sensitivity, I used I Love this Yarn! at Hobby Lobby, which is made out of polyester. I ended up using one yarn skein per color, though I thought I’d need more for the camel color. I didn’t use a bronze color in my scarf, mostly because I hated the bronze like colors in the Love this Yarn line. Instead, I used brown. I didn’t think it looks too bad, and my friend said he didn’t mind, so it’s brown instead of bronze.

Also, I have problems with the scarf’s edges rolling. I didn’t have this problem with other things I’ve knitted, so it’s something I’m blaming on my inexperience as knitter and is something I seriously looking into figuring out what happened and how to prevent it in the future.

Over all, I’m very happy with the scarf. This is by far the biggest project I ever undertook and the first scarf I ever made using tassels. My friend is in love with it and is so happy he has a replica of his favorite Doctor’s scarf. 😀

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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