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Crown and Tiara Inspired Fabric Designs Part 1

I’ve been delaying talking about the crown fabric designs because I have more than one design for sale. Originally I wanted to make one massive post that talked about all the designs at once, but I’ve been having such a hard time getting time to sit down and draw or sew that I don’t know when I’ll get the other designs up for sale.

These designs were drawn by me and were colored or edited in Gimp. No photograph fabric designs right now!

The first design I’m going to talk about are the Blue and Purple Crown designs. Here’s what they look like…


When I decided to open my Spoonflower shop, these designs were the first designs I wanted to make. I’ve been looking for fabric with a tiara-inspired border design but I couldn’t find anything like what I was looking for where I lived. So, I made my own.

Since I’m not sure which way someone might like the border to go, I made the fabric designs two different ways, vertical and horizontal. In the pictures of the designs, the purple stone design is the vertical version while the blue stone design is the horizontal version. Both stone colors are available for sale at the following links…

Purple Stones:

Blue Stones:

That’s all for now! Part 2 will be the other crown and tiara inspired fabric that I have yet to finish. 🙂

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