Spoonflower Shopping List Feature- May 2018

In the middle of May 2018, I was notified by Spoonflower that one of my designs is one of their shopping lists!

The featured design is called Umbrellas and Raindrops- Purple 1.5 Inches and is part of my Umbrellas and Raindrops design colorways. Other colorways of my Umbrellas and Raindrops design made it on the featured shopping lists, but this is the first time I was able to mention it on my blog.

This design is actually a scaled version of the original design’s size. I received a request a while ago to create it. I’m so happy it’s receiving recantation! You can see the design on Spoonflower here.

Before I end this post, I wanted to mention that I have more Spoonflower designs coming in the next month or so. After all the spring photography posts I’ve made lately, I wanted a break from talking about photography!

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

New Fabric Design- Diamond Broach Damask

Hi everyone! After writing so many blog post about fabric designs, I’m so happy to say that this will be the last fabric design post for the year! (I’m getting very tired of writing blog post about fabric designs when I would rather write about other things)

Today’s fabric design is called Diamond Broach Damask. Like Damask Swirl, Circles and Dots, and many more designs I made in the later half of the year, this design was created to be part of a larger design. The difference between this design and the other designs is that this design, and the larger design, was inspired by an art deco broach I bought on Etsy a while ago. Diamond Broach Damask is not my artist’s rendition of the broach, but the idea to make it look like a broach and have an art deco look is.

I created a coloring book version of the design…

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New Fabric Design- Diamonds

Hi everyone! After posting many fabric design posts, I decided to take a break and wait a while to make new fabric designs. Even though I wanted to take a break from creating new fabric designs, I had two designs waiting to be complete and published publicly for sale. So, I finished those up and now they’re available for sale now! These two designs will be the last designs I will post, talk about, or finish for 2017.

For today’s design post, I will talk about many diamond designs I have for sale.

Like my pinstripe design, these are not as complicated to create as my other designs, such as my tiara and crowns. Even though they are not as complicated as other designs I have, I created them because I had a sewing project in mind that I wanted to make out of fabric in a diamond pattern. I couldn’t find diamond fabric in the colors that I wanted, so made my own.

Since these designs are on the simple side, I decided not to make a coloring book version of any of the diamond designs I am talking about today.

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New Fabric Designs- Bows

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to say that this post is the last fabric post for the week! I also found two more fabric designs I thought I talked about, but didn’t, so those will show up later this month. For the last fabric design post of this week, I wanted to make it easy to write. So, I will show what new colors my Bow designs are available in.

If you read my previous fabric design posts for the month, there is nothing new about the colors. They are white and color, like most of the other new designs I have for sale. I decided to do this because I wanted to have consistent colors across my Spoonflower shop. I thought my three bow designs would look good in the white and colors without an outline, so, even though I was tired making new fabric designs, I made these as well.

I think I’ll probably stop making my fabric designs in these colors for a while (Sans the two designs I still need to write about) because, although I like the colors, I want to work on something new.

Here are the normal colors for Bow 1…

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New Fabric Designs- Medallion Waves, Art Deco Glass, and Butterflies

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a fun filled Halloween! Today’s post is the second to last post I plan on making of my new fabric designs on Spoonflower. This post is about the colored version of my designs, Medallion Waves, Art Deco Glass, and Butterflies.

Like with most of the other designs I’ve made this month (And year), these design have a coloring version and are tone on tone designs. The difference between these three designs and most of the other tone on tone designs I created this year is I left the line art black and not a different color.

I decided to do this because I liked the way the designs looked with the black lines on it instead of white or another color. I’m very happy with the way these designs turned out and I hope others will as well!

Here are the Medallion Waves designs…

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New Fabric Design- Flower Damask 3 and Feather Damask

Hi everyone! It’s the start of a new week, but last week’s post theme continues, which means more new Spoonflower designs. For today’s post, I will be talking about two new design: Flower Damask 3 and Feather Damask.

Both designs used to be coloring book designs, but are colored in a tone on tone style. Both designs are only available in pastel tone on tone colors, but I plan on coloring them and making them fabric designs in the future.

Flower Damask 3 used to be called Coloring Book 5. Although this name worked for the black and white version, I did not like this for the colored versions I had planned. So, I changed it to Flower Damask 3.

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New Fabric Design- Heart Damask 3 Pastel Colors

Hi everyone! Continuing this and next week’s post theme, I wanted to talk about a new Spoonflower design, Heart Damask 3 in pastel colors.

Heart Damask is a design I created earlier this year and I already talked about it in a previous post here and here. Even though I liked it and the color ways I made it, I decided to make a the design in a lighter, more pastel colored colorways.

These designs use the design I call Heart Damask 3. In my previous posts about the Heart Damask design, I talked about creating variations of the original design, called Heart Damask 1. I do not think I’ll make a color variation of Heart Damask 1 or Heart Damask 2, but I might in the distant future.

Here are the links to the Spoonflower design links…

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

New Fabric Designs and Society6 Prints- 4th of July Fireworks

Hi everyone! Since I’m busy this week (And next), I decided to talk about more fabric designs from Spoonflower. I have six new designs I’d like to talk about, so there will be three posts this week about fabric designs and three next week. Even though I’m busy, talking about Spoonflower designs is easier for me to do than write about sewing. Also, I’m backlogged with fabric design posts and I want to post them before I get too sick of talking about them. Which will probably happen by the end of next week.

This week, I’m going to talk about new Spoonflower designs and Society6 prints based off the photos I took on the 4th of July.

I’m very happy I was able to created five designs from my photos. Although I’m very happy with the way the photos I took turned out, most of them do not make great fabric designs. I also didn’t think the photos would work well as prints because of the original photo size, but I was able to make two photos available for prints as well.

Here are the links to the Spoonflower designs…

And these are the Society6 photograph prints…

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading! Stay turned for the second post of the week, coming this Wednesday!

New Fabric Design- Circles and Dots

Hi everyone! I have more Spoonflower design posts (I’m not kidding. I have a lot.), so this week there will be two posts, one design posts and one “normal” post.

For today’s design post, I will talk about Circles and Dots. Circles and Dots used to be part of a larger design as a filler, but I decided not to use it. So, like Diamond Swirl Damask, I decided to create a design on it’s own.

There is a colored version that is new…

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