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The Liebster Award

Last week I found out that Just Jessica nominated me for The Liebster Award! I’m so happy she likes my blog and the costumes I make. It always makes me happy to know that others like my blog! I couldn’t respond to the questions she asked as quickly as I wanted to because I was […]

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Brolly Playing Card Digital Painting

I’ve been waiting to make a post about this and now I can! A few months ago the Risembool Ranger’s (Voice actor Vic Mignogna’s fan club) DeviantART group had a group activity I decided to participate in. The goal was to create a deck of playing cards featuring different anime characters Vic has voiced over the […]

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Fabric Design Features and Reviews!

I’ve been meaning to make a post about the fabric features on Spoonflower and reviews of my fabric online, but I wasn’t able to until now. First, I’ll talk about the features. The first was featured back in October and it is my Pink and Grey Abstract design. The feature was on Spoonflower’s fabric lists […]

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The Terrible Zodin Art Feature

Exciting news! One of my drawings was featured in issue 16 of The Terrible Zodin, a Doctor Who Fan Magazine! The drawing was of Romana i, which looks like this… And you can read more about the drawing and how I colored it here.  The issue my drawing is in is very long (125 pages) […]

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