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Cottagecore Inspired Fabric From Joann’s

Hi everyone! As I write this post, I’m in the process of doing a major clean out of all the things I own. Some of the things I own are not things I need anymore or it is not in good shape. It takes a while to sort through everything, but I am making progress!

The most recent discovery I made are fabric I purchased years ago, but never used. Some of them are more recent purchased (Within the last year). Since I’m so focused on cleaning instead of sewing, I decided to write posts about the fabric, and other various things I find that would make a great post topic.

Today’s post is about some Cottagecore inspired fabric I purchased at Joann’s earlier this year.

Here is the fabric…

I purchased eight pieces of fabric and are all one yard long. Sadly I don’t have closeups of each of the fabric so I can’t show off the way the designs look.

My original intention was to turn these fabrics into a quilt. At that time I had no idea what kind of quilt design I want to make. Today, I still don’t know what kind of deign I want to make! I do enjoy looking at them. I never purchased fabric for the intention of just keeping them for display, but I enjoy looking at them so much I’m kind of worried that is what will happen to them. Fortunately, I am currently working on home diy projects, so I don’t have the time to sew anything for the foreseeable future.

In the mean time, I love to stare at them. To me, it is like a cottage core aesthetic photograph or YouTube video in the real world. While my house is a mess, and it will ultimately never look like a cottage core cottage or the way I really want it to, looking at these fabrics has brought me joy.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!