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Quinceanera Sketch from a Pexels Stock Photograph Number 1

Hi everyone! A few months ago, I decided to sketch some more stock photographs from Pexels. I like to find stock photographs for my lifestyle blog on Pexels, but I also found many photographs I want to sketch as well. On a whim, I decided to search for princess, wedding, or quniceanera photographs I could sketch.

In my quniceanera sketch search, I found a series of photographs of a beautiful young woman in a red dress. I really love the way she was photographed, so I decided to sketch some of the photographs. Two of my sketches turned out well, but both are really rough. Yet, I really like the way they turned out so far, so I decided to share them online!

Here is the first sketch I did from the photography series…

Like I already mentioned, it is a rough sketch. My intention is to add more details and color the sketch digitally. I haven’t had the time to do it, but I hope to find time this summer.

The second sketch I did from the set will be in a different post.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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