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7 Day Gimp Challenge- Day 2

By day 2 of the Gimp challenge, I started to feel confident enough in working with Gimp 2.8 that I decided to draw a human. I had trouble working with it, but I finished it.

Here she is….

ladyrodaa scaled

There are pros and cons to this picture, and I’ll go into detail below….


  • Face: Eyes, nose, and mouth turned out well for a first try.
  • Hair: I had trouble making her hair, but it turned out ok in the end.
  • Skin shading: It could be better, but it still looks better than I thought it would.
  • Scarf shading: Although the scarf isn’t accurate to the way a normal fabric looks, I like how the scarf has a glowing effect. I’ve been trying to learn how to make a glowing effect using shading for a future painting, so this is good. But when it comes to painting fabric that looks realistic, this is bad.


  • Scarf shading: See above.
  • Clothing shading: It’s… um… not very smooth. I was aiming for possibly making the sleeves look like they’re made out of satin, but it doesn’t look anything like that. The gold details don’t look very metallic either. I can go on and on, but I think you get the point. So, that needs work. LOTS of work.
  • Hair: Even though the hair turned out ok in the end, I had fits trying to make the hair have strands. I’m not sure why, but the sizing of the tool I was using (Paint brush and Ink) was never the size I wanted it to be. Gimp 2.8’s tool options are organized different. Because of this, I had trouble controlling any tool I used except the air brush.
  • Clothing line art: I had the same trouble drawing the clothes that I had making the hair, except on a larger scale.

Well, that’s it for today. Hope my paintings improve enough that by day 7 everyone can see the difference. If I don’t…. ugh. 🙁

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