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7 Day Gimp Challenge- Day 1

Back in January, I tired to do a 30 Day Art Challenge. I ended up stopping it because I had too much going on in my life to continue it. Now, it’s August, and I decided to try again. This time, for Gimp.

I usually paint pictures using Gimp for a variety of reasons, mostly because I’m not a professional artist and I don’t make money off my paintings. So, I don’t think buying a program would be a good idea because I cannot pay for a new program using the funds I make off my art. Gimp is free, and fits my needs as a “hobbyist”.

I usually work with Gimp 2.6, but in the past few months it’s been acting strangely. I finally gave up and uninstalled the whole program. After searching online, I found that there is a Gimp 2.8. I downloaded that and began to play with the program. I soon realized there are parts that are different than 2.6 and I needed to make myself practice using it. I’m not fond of doing art whenever I feel like it, mostly because I want a purpose for doing my work, so I’m making myself do another art challenge. This time for seven days instead of thirty and all my work must be done in Gimp.

This is the first picture I made in Gimp 2.8….


It’s not much fun to look at, unless you like textures and such, but that’s it. I used the brushes that are “new” and the air brush tool to make this picture. Although this isn’t my usual type of art, it does have a purpose. I wanted to see how the brushes looked and which one I might be able to use for backgrounds, hair, designs on cloth, ect.

I might use it as a background for a picture in the future, but I’m still working on trying to learn how to draw using 2.8 so a background might not show up until the 7 days are almost over.

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