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Shinny Kaylee Painting

Lately, I’ve been trying to draw/paint pictures of people and/or characters that aren’t from Doctor Who. I’ve watched Firefly a while ago, but I still love Kaylee and I can relate to her more times than not. I also love the dress she wears in the episode “Shindig”. (I’ll never make it for myself as a cosplay, but that’s beside the point of this post…) Since I love the dress so much, I decided to try to draw Kaylee wearing it!

As always, clicking on the pictures will take you to the deviantART submissions of the same picture.

Line art…

shinny kaylle scaleda


shinny kayllel scaled

Although the line art is fairly “cartoon” looking and looked nothing like what I pictured in my head, I decided to move forward with the painting and colored it. I did learn a lot about accepting my drawing style while working on this painting and I now think the paining as what could be a cartoon version of Firefly. (Hey, it’s fun to dream it’s possible!)

I’d like to go back and paint Kaylee again one day, but for now this is it for me. 🙂

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