Emeraude’s Decision Painting

A while ago I drew a picture of Princess Emeraude from Magic Knight Rayearth. The whole idea to draw an anime character came from the lack of anime fan art in my gallery. Although its been a while since I watched an anime, I liked Magic Knight Rayearth. (Both the anime and manga) I especially liked Princess Emeraude. Although she isn’t my favorite character, I still liked her and felt very sorry for how her story ended. (I’m a happy ending kind of person) There isn’t a huge amount of fan art of Emeraude as an adult, so I decided to try to draw her as an adult.

You can see it on DeviantART here.

princess emeraudeBGaab

The reference for her adult appearance came from one of the Magic Knight Rayearth art books. I didn’t draw her dress exactly as it appeared in the art book, but it’s similar.

I’m not sure if I’ll draw another anime character in the near future, but I really enjoyed drawing an anime character again and not making it look 100% like the original art. 🙂

This was also one of the first drawings I drew on sketch paper and then scanned it into the computer using a new scanner I bought. My old scanner worked well, but only if the paper was 8 inches by 11 inches. I don’t like drawing on paper that size (Sans for sketching and drawing dress designs) so its hard for me to scan my drawings. The new scanner took care of that problem and the scanner read more lines I drew on the paper than the old scanner. I really enjoy using it and am so glad I bought it! Makes my drawing life a lot easier for me!

The Three Greyhounds Painting

Almost a year ago, I began a painting of the three greyhounds seen in Swedish House Mafia’s music video, Greyhound. There is a variety of reasons why I wanted to paint the greyhounds, but I mostly liked the way they looked. It didn’t help that I was working on my K9 painting at that time, so I had robot dogs on my mind. 😀

Here’s what it looks like…

shm the three greyhoundsu signed scaled

You can fave the painting here on DeviantART.

As usual, I painted the picture in Gimp with a Bamboo Wacom tablet.

The Snow Queen Painting

In September, I entered Art Nouveau on DA‘s contest. The theme was fairy tales, so I decided to paint The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson. I’ve been playing with drawing and painting characters from The Snow Queen for over a year and I thought it would be the best way to finally get my ideas into a nice, finished picture.

Here’s what it looks like…

Like with the other contests I entered this year, I didn’t win. Again, I didn’t mind. Mostly because my computer started to act up and I was more concerned with trying to save it than winning the contest. 🙂

There are things with the background I didn’t like when I was working on it, but it was the best I could do at that time. I still haven’t learned how to make circles and curved on Gimp (Besides drawing them free hand) and that was what was bothering me about the background. That’s all stuff I need to figure out how to do in the future.

7 Day Gimp Challenge- Day 5

By day 5 of the challenge, I got sick of reading tutorial for Gimp. Instead, I wanted to paint. A lot. I ended up painting two “line art” pictures for my own amusement. After some thought, I decided to post only one of them. I like the other painting too, but I’m not ready to post it yet.

Here is the painting…. (Clicking on the picture will take you to the devainART submission)

rose scaled enw

Do you recognize her? It’s Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) from Doctor Who. I’ve been trying to draw and paint her for years but I ended up hating each drawing and painting I’ve done. I used one of the publicity photos from Season 1 as a reference.

I decided to paint Rose differently than how I painted my Madame de Pompadour painting. For Pompadour, I used many reference photos and pieced together her looks. For Rose, I use one photo as a main reference and two others to check if I was painting her cheeks, eyes, eyebrows, ect. right.

I’m currently coloring her, which used up most of day 6 of the challenge. Also, after how well she turned out, I begin to think of drawing more Doctor Who characters again. I lost my confidence in drawing anyone from Doctor Who earlier this year, so I’m feeling encouraged to try again.

7 Day Gimp Challenge- Day 4

After Day 3’s still life painting, I felt confident enough to try another painting of a person. Again, it’s a female. Since I’m better at drawing females than males, I usually draw females as a way to gauge how well I’m drawing. That’s why I usually paint/draw females whenever I’m learning new in drawing, such as how to paint in a new digital painting program.

lesle b scaled

I liked working on this painting! It’s been a while since I painted a female with above-the-shoulder hair, brown eyes, and red lipstick. I forgot how much I missed it.

The background was made with the airbrush. I then smudged the color using one of the cell brushes that comes with Gimp 2.8, making this painting the first painting I made using smudge and a brush. I really like how the brush worked and the texture it made. I’m planning on using the brushes for more than backgrounds, but I haven’t gotten around to doing it.

7 Day Gimp Challenge- Day 3

I’ve been bad about updating my posts for the Gimp challenge, mostly because I’d rather work on my pictures than post them online. So… here’s day three!

I was really mad my first original painting in Gimp 2.8 didn’t look the way I wanted it to, so I decided to try to paint more original pictures before I began to figure out how to add backgrounds, layers, ect. I didn’t want to draw more people, so I painted a still life.

The reference for my still life was some of the books and a spool of tulle that was sitting near my computer.

This is how it turned out….

still life cThis painting is the first still life I ever painted digitally and ever did in color. It was hard, mostly because I wasn’t using a pencil or paper, but I’m glad I did it. I learned a lot! I’ll probably do more of them in the future, but for now this is the only still life in color and/or painted digitally I’ve done. 🙂

7 Day Gimp Challenge- Day 1

Back in January, I tired to do a 30 Day Art Challenge. I ended up stopping it because I had too much going on in my life to continue it. Now, it’s August, and I decided to try again. This time, for Gimp.

I usually paint pictures using Gimp for a variety of reasons, mostly because I’m not a professional artist and I don’t make money off my paintings. So, I don’t think buying a program would be a good idea because I cannot pay for a new program using the funds I make off my art. Gimp is free, and fits my needs as a “hobbyist”.

I usually work with Gimp 2.6, but in the past few months it’s been acting strangely. I finally gave up and uninstalled the whole program. After searching online, I found that there is a Gimp 2.8. I downloaded that and began to play with the program. I soon realized there are parts that are different than 2.6 and I needed to make myself practice using it. I’m not fond of doing art whenever I feel like it, mostly because I want a purpose for doing my work, so I’m making myself do another art challenge. This time for seven days instead of thirty and all my work must be done in Gimp.

This is the first picture I made in Gimp 2.8….


It’s not much fun to look at, unless you like textures and such, but that’s it. I used the brushes that are “new” and the air brush tool to make this picture. Although this isn’t my usual type of art, it does have a purpose. I wanted to see how the brushes looked and which one I might be able to use for backgrounds, hair, designs on cloth, ect.

I might use it as a background for a picture in the future, but I’m still working on trying to learn how to draw using 2.8 so a background might not show up until the 7 days are almost over.

Shinny Kaylee Painting

Lately, I’ve been trying to draw/paint pictures of people and/or characters that aren’t from Doctor Who. I’ve watched Firefly a while ago, but I still love Kaylee and I can relate to her more times than not. I also love the dress she wears in the episode “Shindig”. (I’ll never make it for myself as a cosplay, but that’s beside the point of this post…) Since I love the dress so much, I decided to try to draw Kaylee wearing it!

As always, clicking on the pictures will take you to the deviantART submissions of the same picture.

Line art…

shinny kaylle scaleda


shinny kayllel scaled

Although the line art is fairly “cartoon” looking and looked nothing like what I pictured in my head, I decided to move forward with the painting and colored it. I did learn a lot about accepting my drawing style while working on this painting and I now think the paining as what could be a cartoon version of Firefly. (Hey, it’s fun to dream it’s possible!)

I’d like to go back and paint Kaylee again one day, but for now this is it for me. 🙂