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Emeraude’s Decision Painting

A while ago I drew a picture of Princess Emeraude from Magic Knight Rayearth. The whole idea to draw an anime character came from the lack of anime fan art in my gallery. Although its been a while since I watched an anime, I liked Magic Knight Rayearth. (Both the anime and manga) I especially liked Princess Emeraude. Although she isn’t my favorite character, I still liked her and felt very sorry for how her story ended. (I’m a happy ending kind of person) There isn’t a huge amount of fan art of Emeraude as an adult, so I decided to try to draw her as an adult.

You can see it on DeviantART here.

princess emeraudeBGaab

The reference for her adult appearance came from one of the Magic Knight Rayearth art books. I didn’t draw her dress exactly as it appeared in the art book, but it’s similar.

I’m not sure if I’ll draw another anime character in the near future, but I really enjoyed drawing an anime character again and not making it look 100% like the original art. 🙂

This was also one of the first drawings I drew on sketch paper and then scanned it into the computer using a new scanner I bought. My old scanner worked well, but only if the paper was 8 inches by 11 inches. I don’t like drawing on paper that size (Sans for sketching and drawing dress designs) so its hard for me to scan my drawings. The new scanner took care of that problem and the scanner read more lines I drew on the paper than the old scanner. I really enjoy using it and am so glad I bought it! Makes my drawing life a lot easier for me!

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