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Florence-Kelvin Highway Photographs- March 2021 Part 1

In March, I went back to the Florence-Kelvin Highway to take some more photographs of the scenery. On the day I went, there were clouds passing by but there was no rain. Because of this, I thought there would be plenty of fluffy clouds to take pictures of. When I got there, I was happy to discover I was right. So, I took some photographs.

Unlike the first series of posts I made about the photographs I took of the highway in December 2020, I didn’t take nearly as many photographs on the day I went. I wanted to take my time seeing the scenery while driving on the road instead of trying to take the perfect photograph. Even though there are not as many photographs as the previous post series, I’m still happy with the say the photographs turned out and took so many photographs that I wanted to split the photographs up into two posts.




Well, that’s all for now! That’s all for now!

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