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7 Day Gimp Challenge- Day 4

After Day 3’s still life painting, I felt confident enough to try another painting of a person. Again, it’s a female. Since I’m better at drawing females than males, I usually draw females as a way to gauge how well I’m drawing. That’s why I usually paint/draw females whenever I’m learning new in drawing, such as how to paint in a new digital painting program.

lesle b scaled

I liked working on this painting! It’s been a while since I painted a female with above-the-shoulder hair, brown eyes, and red lipstick. I forgot how much I missed it.

The background was made with the airbrush. I then smudged the color using one of the cell brushes that comes with Gimp 2.8, making this painting the first painting I made using smudge and a brush. I really like how the brush worked and the texture it made. I’m planning on using the brushes for more than backgrounds, but I haven’t gotten around to doing it.

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