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Fable 3 Princess Suit~ Part 1

It’s been a while since I made a post here on this blog, so I decided I should talk about a costume I’ve been working on since December 2011, the Fable 3 Elegant Princess Suit.

Anyone remember that costume? I don’t blame you if you didn’t. I forgot I was working on it until recently. Here are some picture of the costume…


I thought I finished it back in 2012, but after a while I realized the bodice wasn’t going to fit me (and might fall off while I was wearing it!). So, I decided I needed to remake whole entire bodice.

I used the same bodice pattern for this costume as I did for Snow White, Miku, and Sleeping Beauty. (Posts about Sleeping Beauty are coming soon… hopefully) Miku was already done when I made/began the other costumes (this one included) so I already know how to use the pattern fairly well. Since I was making three different bodices using the same pattern, I just worked and finished all three bodice at the same time.

Here’s what the new bodice looks like…


The middle section and all the details that will be on the bodice were recycled from the first version of the bodice. This saves me SO much time in making the bodice. Most of the most “complex” details were made by hand sewing pipping onto spandex using pipping cord and gold silk. (The hand sewing is probably why the costume took so much time to make the first time) You’ll see more of the recycled details once the bodice is done. 🙂

In other Fable 3 costume news, I never talked about the skirt I made on this blog!

The skirt is made of two separate skirts. The underskirt is poly satin, hand painted by me, with a navy blue silk ruffle at the bottom. The over skirt is white cotton with a design on it with navy blue silk trim.

Here’s what the underskirt looks like…


And the over skirt and underskirt together…


There are so many parts to this costume I’ve decided to split up the posts. The sleeves are up next! It took me a while to figure out how to make them, but thanks to research and new sewing patterns that came out since 2011, the new sleeves are far easier to make and better looking than the first version’s. 🙂

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