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Desert Cactus Photographs January 2023- Part 1

Hi everyone! Back in March, I published posts about desert sunset photographs I took in January. I considered posting all the photographs I took during the month week after week, but I decided not to. Instead, I decided to spread the photographs throughout the year.

In January, I knew the desert I like to take photographs of would be changing. I didn’t know how fast it would change, but I knew it would change. So, I decided to search for other areas to photograph that didn’t reflect the changing area.

As an experiment, I decided to take photographs of some of the cacti in the area. Cacti are one of the most eye catching vegetation in the desert, but these cacti aren’t that photogenic. Some of them are in areas that don’t look as “nice” as some seen in photographs. Others are older cacti and don’t look as nice as the younger ones. Still, I wanted to take photographs of them and post my favorites online to see how readers of my blog will like them.

For this post, I took a photograph of a small saguaro cactus. It isn’t very big, which means it is young. Despite the youth of the cactus, I think it looked too cute not to photograph.




Overall, I’m happy with the way the cactus looks in the photographs. Sadly, the photographs are darker than I would prefer them to be. I took the photographs after the sun went down, so the lighting isn’t that good. Still, I hope you enjoyed looking at this small, baby cactus!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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