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Pink and Green Log Cabin Quilt Fabric Choices

A few months ago, I talked about my intention to make a log cabin quilt out of scrap strips of fabric. After doing some shopping, I decided on the strip color I wanted to use first and what other colors I want to make using it. The first color of scrap fabric I picked was this olive green dragon fly fabric…


I decided to make the theme of the quilt pink and green. I thought of the idea after looking at an advertisement for the musical Wicked. In the musical, Elpheba’s skin is green and Glinda’s favorite color is pink. Because of this, advertisements for the musical include the tag line “Pink Goes Good With Green”.

Before I went shopping for fabric, I wanted to use pink as the coordinating color to the green, but I wasn’t sure if there would be enough pink fabric available. I did find enough green fabric for the log cabin quilt…

And, despite my worries, there was enough shades and variations of pink that I could use in the quilt…

I purchased all the fabric from Walmart and are pre cut in one to two yard increments.

Even though I originally thought I had enough fabric and shade fabric variations for the quilt, but I didn’t. I had some fabric already in my stash that filled in for color variations for both the pink and green colors, but that wasn’t enough fabric for each of the green blocks. I ended up going back to the store for more fabric, and found two more color variations for the green blocks. I don’t have photographs of the two new green fabric designs because I forgot to take photographs of them before I washed them and cut them into strips.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!