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Amy Pond’s Scarf- The Light Blue Version

After a blogging vacation, I’m back! Although I have sewing, drawing, and photographs to share, I thought it would be a nice change if I talked about a new hobby I took up late last year… knitting!

I always wanted to learn how to knit, but it was never a top priority until I discovered I have a wool sensitivity. Although I can tolerate the yarn and fabric with wool fibers, I cannot tolerate 100% wool yarn or fabric. All fibers I touch with wool need to have another fiber mixed with the wool. Because of this, buying scarfs, sweaters, and coats became a hassle. After years of trying to buy a scarf I liked in a non wool fiber, I gave up and decided to make my own. 🙂

Since I like to push my skills in everything to it’s limit (Even if it means I fail), I decided to make Amy Pond’s scarf from the Doctor Who episode Night Terrors…

amy pond night terrors ref 1

I always likes the scarf but I never bought it because I was worried it would have wool in it. After scanning the internet, I discovered the scarf is 30% wool and 70% acrylic. Although my fear the scarf has wool in it was right, I own one scarf made out of yarn that is 30% wool and 70% acrylic and I can wear it without getting itchy. I’m not sure if I’ll end up looking for one in the future, but when I decided to make my own scarf, I told myself that if the scarf didn’t turn out right, I’d look for the real one because I can wear it. 😀

amy pond scarf

The pattern I used to knit my scarf was created my Sew Kurafty and can be found here. Since this was my first knitting project, I wanted to practice knitting parts of the scarf before I began working on the whole entire scarf. I’m very glad I did because it made knitting the scarf much easier than it would’ve been if I started working on the scarf without practicing. It ended up taking me three months of work before I finished my scarf. It was slow at first, but I became faster at knitting the more I worked on it. I’m still not a very fast knitter, but I am much faster that I used to be!

The yarn I used is I Love This Yarn! and is 100% acrylic. The colors I used are Black, Ocean, and Sea Blue. I used two skeins of black and ocean, but one of sea blue. I didn’t use all the yarn in the scarf, but I’m sure the leftover yarn will become practice yarn for future projects. :3

Although my scarf looks like it is the same colors as the scarf in the official Doctor Who picture, it’s not. The real scarf is actually teal/turquoise and black, not light blue and black. I decided to make mine light blue because I liked the way the light blue yarn looked against the black. I plan on making a turquoise version of the scarf, but after I finish other knitting projects first. 🙂

Although there are some mistakes in the scarf (And you can see them if you closely examined the scarf), it hasn’t fallen apart and looks ok. In all, I’m very pleased with my first knitting project and am very excited to have a scarf that I like that is not made out of wool! I’m not sure if having this scarf will result in an Amy Pond costume, but it would be a great opportunity to wear the scarf more. Or a great excuse to make a turquoise version of the scarf. XD

Thank you for reading!