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Experimenting with my Camera

I have an old Camera Powershot camera (I got it back in 2010) and lately I’ve decided to play with it to see what it’s limitations are. I’ve complained many times to people I know that I have trouble taking photos in low light, so I tried to take photos with my camera late at night just to see what I could and could not do in low light.

Since my Cannon was made before the low light sensor cameras were more affordable (They were $800 back then), my camera does not have low light sensors. So, that meant I had to play with the shutter speed. It was very frustrating to play with because I had to keep the camera perfectly still in order for the photo to not be blurry. I ended up buying a tripod to use with my camera (I was meaning to buy one anyway) so my camera could stay perfectly still and didn’t shake because of my hands. After many months, batteries, and failed attempts to take clear photos, I started to get some good, clearer photos at outside at nighttime.

And this is one of the photos that came out…..

I found my camera works best when it’s a full moon outside (Like it was when I took this photo), there cannot be any other light besides the moonlight, and I adjust my shutter speed to it’s slowest speed. Of course, my camera doesn’t like this very much and doing this uses up a lot of battery power. But the result is very pretty.

The same night I took the photo above I took a photo of the town near my house. I had to zoom in on the town in order for it to not look like a speck in the photo. This was the first time I ever used the zoom with a slow shutter speed and the result is kind of blurry….

So…. I’m still playing with my camera in order to try to figure out how to take a clear photo with a slow shutter speed with the zoom. I was having fits with the auto stabilization my camera has because when it had a clear shot, it would blur for the photo. I’m currently looking at my camera to figure out how to turn off the stabilization and then try taking photos with the zoom again. I know I can turn it off, but it’s just a matter of me trying to find it and waiting until the full moon comes again. ^_^

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