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2012 Halloween Costume Progress Photos

Well, today is Halloween and I’m officially sick and cannot go anywhere. Not that I had somewhere to go, but still, disappointing.

Anyway, I was planning on wearing a new costume I was working on, Miku Hatsune Cantarella dress. Unfortunately, since I got sick and I didn’t feel like working on the costume, it is currently uncompleted. This irritates me to no end because it is so close to being done that I began to work on it again today just so I won’t have to remember I need to complete it anymore.

Since I have been working hard on the costume, it’s near completion, and I’ve been feeling too lazy to take photos, the photos I’m posting here are a few days old.

First off, here are pictures I used as a base for the costume. They are from the PV’s of the song and are screen captures I took myself. I did this because I couldn’t find any screen caps that showed the parts of the art I wanted to use as reference. I used three PV’s as references, but here are screen caps from two of them…


Here’s a photo of the skirt on my dress form and a petticoat underneath. I started this costume almost a year ago, but set it aside to make my Rose Tyler, Idiot’s Lantern dress. I brought it back a few weeks ago and finished the skirt….

And now the bodice of the costume.  I’m using Simplicity pattern number 1728 for the main part of the bodice, but I’m changing the way the sleeves look.

The middle section of the bodice was made with white brocade end-of-bolt fabric I found on sale at Joann’s. I was planning on using it as appliqués if I ever needed it, but when I began to read the instructions for the bodice, I immediately thought of using the white brocade for the mid section and add black satin ribbon onto it in a zig zag pattern so it will look laced up….

I’m currently working on the sleeves (I need to press seams before I can continue to sew them) and, thanks to me forgetting to buy more black satin, I ran out of fabric. I ended up having to fluff it, but it’s still looking really nice. I plan on making the sleeves out of three fabrics: white satin (under sleeve), black satin (Over sleeve), and black brocade (Over sleeve, puffy part). Here’s what the black brocade looks like….

So that’s all the photos I have to share for now. I also have the “apron” part of the skirt I need to finish as well, but that one isn’t so hard to do since all I have to add is a waistband. When I complete the whole costume, I’ll try to post photos of it. Unless I still don’t feel good and give up on the whole working on the costume until I start to feel better.

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