Favorite Patterns for 2015- Simplicity

Finally, I made the follow up post to my favorite sewing patterns from McCall’s! (Just in time for Halloween too) It took me longer than I wanted to type this post because Simplicity and McCall’s released even more new costume patterns for sale. This was driving me crazy because… well… I thought they would release them at once and be done with it. Instead they released them in phases. Since I cannot go to a store as easily as I could last year, it took me a while to buy all the patterns I wanted.

Since I’m currently reorganizing my sewing room, I was unable to take photos of all the patterns I bought and wanted to feature in this post. Because of this, I’m using pictures from Simplicity’s website to show what the costumes should look like. Continue reading “Favorite Patterns for 2015- Simplicity”

Sewing (And Costume) Work-in-Progress Mass Update- The January 2015 Edition

This past month I’ve been sewing a lot. So much that I feel bad because I’ve been ignoring my art! Originally I planned on sewing my costumes for Taiyou Con and the up-coming Renaissance Festival and nothing else, but a few weeks ago my vehicle got hurt so badly I couldn’t drive it anywhere. I know this is old news (I talked about it in my last post), but because I couldn’t drive anywhere, I was stuck at home on my weekends with nothing to do. I did have a lot of sewing projects built up for months that I just didn’t want to work on, so I pulled out as many as I could find and then began finishing or repairing them.

One of the first costumes I pulled out was the bodice for my Miku Hatsune Cantarella dress. Since I made the dress back in 2011, I fixed the back of the bodice in 2014 so it would fit my growing bust better. Now that my bust has finished growing, the bodice was too small. When I fixed the bodice, I thought I’d grow an inch at most so adding some ribbon to make the bodice lace up was the best option. I ended up not growing an inch. I grew a few inches. So, in order for the bodice to be fixed so I can continue to wear it, I needed to add more fabric to the back of the bodice. I ended up adding so much fabric to the back of the bodice I could add a zipper instead of making it a lace up.

Here’s what the bodice looked like after I sewed the zipper in and before I pressed the seams…


After I found that bodice, I found another Miku Hatsune bodice, this time for the 7th Heaven Dragon 2020. Here’s what the artwork looks like…

Hatsune Miku 7th heaven dragon 2020 Continue reading “Sewing (And Costume) Work-in-Progress Mass Update- The January 2015 Edition”

Sketch Book Saturday- Miku Hatsune

A few days ago I went though my sketch books and found many drawings I never posted or talked about online. Since I had so many pictures, I decided to try to have a themed post day. I’m calling it Sketch Book Saturday! The posts will be posted on Saturday and each post will talk about a different drawing I found in my sketch book. I’m unsure how long this post series will last, but it will probably end once I run out of drawings I feel comfortable posting online. (They are those drawings that nobody wants anyone to see because they’re incomplete, started out well but didn’t end up that way, and generally embarrassing to look at.)

The first drawing in this series is a drawing of Miku Hatsune!


Sorry for the bad photograph. 😛 Continue reading “Sketch Book Saturday- Miku Hatsune”

Miku Hatsune Cantarella Dress

This post has been a long time coming, but alas. I’ve been having trouble writing it and making it sound logical. Hopefully you won’t have this problem while reading it! XD

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that I’ve been going through growth spurts. These growth spurts have been taking place for about three years, but it wasn’t until this year that they started to slow down to the point when I think they might be ending. (At last!) Since these growth spurts have been taking place for years and I’ve been growing inches a year, costumes I made months or years before wearing it no longer fit. Its always hard for me to figure out how to make a costume and make it in a way that it can be modified to fit me after I grew taller. Usually I end up making a costume and then remaking it later so it can fit me. (The most notable costume I did this to is the Idiot’s Lantern dress) Sometimes, I can fix a costume so I can wear it again without completely remaking it.

One of the costumes I don’t have to completely remake is the Miku Hatsune Cantarella dress. I made it a year ago, back in 2012, but in spite of all my work I was never able to wear it. Recently I pulled it out of storage and began to work on it so I could wear it for 2014. (Maybe. We’ll see.) I knew there were parts of the costume that needed to be remade but much to my surprise, the “hardest” parts could easily be adjusted to fit me again.

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Happy Miku- Saboten 2013 Art Badge Entry

My life has become very busy at this time so I was unable to make a blog post about another art badge contest I entered until the voting time ended. I’ll still talk about it anyway…

Saboten Con is a convention I’ve been attending on and off since 2009. In fact, Saboten Con 2009 was my very first convention and was where I cosplayed for first time. Even though the convention is special to me, I haven’t been able to attend it as much as I’d like to. After entering Phoenix Comicon’s art badge contest earlier this year, I thought it would be worth a try to enter Saboten’s as well.

Due to time constraints, I ended up entering a painting of Miku Hatsune.


I made the painting specifically for the convention’s contest and in hind sight it probably wasn’t the best idea. Saboten 2013 was a Neon Genesis Evangelion- themed convention so, in hind sight, entering a Vocaloid painting wasn’t really the best choice. Still, I never saw Evangelion so I drew what I knew.

Like with the Phoenix Comicon’s contest, I made it to, and lost, during the voting round. Although I was a little disappointed that I lost another art contest, when it was time for the convention I ended up not going due to, you guess it, health problems. For that reason I’m glad the prize, a free full event badge, went to someone who could go, have fun, and not have health problems the week of the convention!

30 Day Art Challenge- Days 3 and 4

Well, after spending some time resting and trying to get over the flu, I finally feel good enough to make a post to talk about days 3 and 4 of the 30 day art challenge. The art challenge is still on hiatus, but once I feel better I’ll start the art challenge again starting on day 5. ^_^

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2012 Halloween Costume Progress Photos

Well, today is Halloween and I’m officially sick and cannot go anywhere. Not that I had somewhere to go, but still, disappointing.

Anyway, I was planning on wearing a new costume I was working on, Miku Hatsune Cantarella dress. Unfortunately, since I got sick and I didn’t feel like working on the costume, it is currently uncompleted. This irritates me to no end because it is so close to being done that I began to work on it again today just so I won’t have to remember I need to complete it anymore.

Since I have been working hard on the costume, it’s near completion, and I’ve been feeling too lazy to take photos, the photos I’m posting here are a few days old.

First off, here are pictures I used as a base for the costume. They are from the PV’s of the song and are screen captures I took myself. I did this because I couldn’t find any screen caps that showed the parts of the art I wanted to use as reference. I used three PV’s as references, but here are screen caps from two of them…


Here’s a photo of the skirt on my dress form and a petticoat underneath. I started this costume almost a year ago, but set it aside to make my Rose Tyler, Idiot’s Lantern dress. I brought it back a few weeks ago and finished the skirt….

And now the bodice of the costume.  I’m using Simplicity pattern number 1728 for the main part of the bodice, but I’m changing the way the sleeves look.

The middle section of the bodice was made with white brocade end-of-bolt fabric I found on sale at Joann’s. I was planning on using it as appliqués if I ever needed it, but when I began to read the instructions for the bodice, I immediately thought of using the white brocade for the mid section and add black satin ribbon onto it in a zig zag pattern so it will look laced up….

I’m currently working on the sleeves (I need to press seams before I can continue to sew them) and, thanks to me forgetting to buy more black satin, I ran out of fabric. I ended up having to fluff it, but it’s still looking really nice. I plan on making the sleeves out of three fabrics: white satin (under sleeve), black satin (Over sleeve), and black brocade (Over sleeve, puffy part). Here’s what the black brocade looks like….

So that’s all the photos I have to share for now. I also have the “apron” part of the skirt I need to finish as well, but that one isn’t so hard to do since all I have to add is a waistband. When I complete the whole costume, I’ll try to post photos of it. Unless I still don’t feel good and give up on the whole working on the costume until I start to feel better.