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Happy Miku- Saboten 2013 Art Badge Entry

My life has become very busy at this time so I was unable to make a blog post about another art badge contest I entered until the voting time ended. I’ll still talk about it anyway…

Saboten Con is a convention I’ve been attending on and off since 2009. In fact, Saboten Con 2009 was my very first convention and was where I cosplayed for first time. Even though the convention is special to me, I haven’t been able to attend it as much as I’d like to. After entering Phoenix Comicon’s art badge contest earlier this year, I thought it would be worth a try to enter Saboten’s as well.

Due to time constraints, I ended up entering a painting of Miku Hatsune.


I made the painting specifically for the convention’s contest and in hind sight it probably wasn’t the best idea. Saboten 2013 was a Neon Genesis Evangelion- themed convention so, in hind sight, entering a Vocaloid painting wasn’t really the best choice. Still, I never saw Evangelion so I drew what I knew.

Like with the Phoenix Comicon’s contest, I made it to, and lost, during the voting round. Although I was a little disappointed that I lost another art contest, when it was time for the convention I ended up not going due to, you guess it, health problems. For that reason I’m glad the prize, a free full event badge, went to someone who could go, have fun, and not have health problems the week of the convention!

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