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Favorite Patterns for 2015- Simplicity

Finally, I made the follow up post to my favorite sewing patterns from McCall’s! (Just in time for Halloween too) It took me longer than I wanted to type this post because Simplicity and McCall’s released even more new costume patterns for sale. This was driving me crazy because… well… I thought they would release them at once and be done with it. Instead they released them in phases. Since I cannot go to a store as easily as I could last year, it took me a while to buy all the patterns I wanted.

Since I’m currently reorganizing my sewing room, I was unable to take photos of all the patterns I bought and wanted to feature in this post. Because of this, I’m using pictures from Simplicity’s website to show what the costumes should look like.

Out of all the patterns Simplicity released, two are the most important for me to add to my pattern collection. One of the patterns is 1094…


In addition to 1094, I also bought 1097 and 1088

1097 1088

By buying these patterns I now have a complete Frozen sewing pattern collection. 1097 and 1088 are patterns for a child and doll Anna and Elsa Frozen Fever dresses. They are super cute and it makes me wish I had a little girl so I could sew cute dresses for her!

The second pattern is 1095…


This pattern is obviously inspired by the Tardis and Dalek from Doctor Who. Being a Doctor Who fan, I wanted it in hopes of using it sometime in the future.

Like McCall’s, Simplicity asked a cosplayer to design the Doctor Who pattern. The designer is Loriann Costume Designs and in addition to the Doctor Who patterns, she also designed 1091, a steampunked version of DC comic’s Poison Ivy, Harley Quin, and a female version of the Joker…


I also own this pattern, but thanks to my current cleaning I was unable to take photo of it.

Also in the steampunked character catagory, we have 1093, steampunked Disney princesses (And Tinker Bell)…


Although I like all these patterns, there is one pattern that did surprise me. Pattern number 1092…


This pattern is for a Sailor Moon costume and a second costume is one of Miku Hatsune’s outfits (Honey Wip) from Project Diva F…

miku hatsune project diva f

When the pattern came out, I was thinking of making a new Miku Hatusne outfit. I didn’t know what outfit I wanted to make, but knowing there is a pattern for one of Miku’s outfit that I do not need to draft from scratch makes me happy. And more interested in making this outfit!

Well, that’s all my favorite patterns from Simplicity this year!

Thank you for reading and have a happy and safe Halloween!

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